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Timissioara - Monday Oct 12 - 2015

Come to Our Event!

On Monday, Oct 12, 2015 - Time: 19:00 - 23:00 we invite you to participate in our "How to Manifest Things" event which will take place under the guidance of the Spiritual Teacher, Shaman & Coach Alexander - Northern Deer

In this event we will develop ourselves spiritualy, psychologically and mentaly through the knowledge that exists for thousands of years about the human nature and the soul and about the material and other laws of manifestation.

  • What are the laws of manifestation?
  • How do things happen in life?
  • Is it really possible to manifest what we want? Why most of the people do not succeed in doing so?
  • From where do events appear?
  • What is the truth about the law of attraction?
  • Do we manifest disseases as well as health also?

These and many more questions will be put on the table and will be answered (spiritual inquiry) in order for you to get a very clear picture about the truth of manifesting things in your life, if this is possible and how can you practically accumulate the neccessary "equipment" or "tools" for your life in order to make your life a better place for you to experience your existance.

Come with Your questions about your life situations and/or your questions about life in general

This knowledge comes from Shamanism and ancient traditions that existed almost 40.000 years ago on the earth!!!

Get the Knowledge of ancient shamans and empower your self with the wisom and knowledge of manifestation!!!

We are waiting for you with Love!



The workshop lasts 4 hours. It has 2 parts.

- In the 1st part we are going to examine the rules of manifestation and how they are connected with our everyday life. We will form the map of manifestation in order for you to be able to see how you can utilize this ancient truth in your life. Here there will be also questions and answers where you can bring your own questions from your life and receive answers that will show you where you are going well and where possibly you make some mistakes in different situations in life. The purpose is to manifest what you truly want much easier and with much more understanding of the real issues taking place in your life

- The 2nd part will be a practice, a ritual of shamanic journey and a trip to the energy worlds, where you can find easily the truth and understand existencially the manifestation proccess within your own self (including physical body and/or energy bodies).


In order to participate you need to register and make a deposit of 50 Ron

For registration please contact:

Diana Gruia - Email:

Tel num: 0722397499

The total cost of participation is 100 Ron (including the seminar, tea & coffee and the rental cost for the space)

!!! The people who will participate in the seminar will have a discount for personal consultation or personal session of 50%) !!!

- Personal consultation or personal sessions with Alexander before and after the seminar (Monday 3-5pm Tuesday all day until 7pm)
- You can check the personal practices in the following link:
- For registration of personal session contact the organizer Diana Gruia



For more information about our school check our website:
Our Goal Is To Guide You Down the Path of Self-Development by teaching
the following principles!

Spiritual knowledge. You should expect to receive real results in your life. We ground all of our highest spiritual knowledge in practical disciplines, methods, and exercises that you can use to enhance the quality of your life.

Understanding, Only by understanding the deep principles of life can we develop ourselves, act powerfully using our free will, become fully conscious, and realize who we truly are.

Return to the Ancient Ways. All wise people say that many problems of modern man have appeared because we have lost contact with our own roots. We help you regain ancient knowledge and to reconnect with nature.

Personal Empowerment. We believe each person is endowed with abilities, goals, and a life purpose that is unique. And it is only when you receive individual support that you can take control of your own inner qualities, talents, health, and happiness. We provide that support.

Responsibility. Each person is the owner of their own life. Using will, wisdom, and a deep desire to improve their lives, our students generate profound changes for themselves. We help our students understand and cultivate universal principles and laws, but each must make the daily decision to improve.

Open Mindedness. We remain open to new ideas and we are dedicated to teaching a distillation of spiritual principles. We combine Eastern and Western traditions in a synergy of wisdom that will improve your life according to your unique desires, needs, and abilities.

We are spiritual, not religious. We embrace and encourage seekers from all different religions and beliefs. We deeply study many different beliefs and systems to understand the
essence of their teachings, as we seek to improve the life of all people, independent of their heritage. We also study Western research into the areas of psychology, physiology, and quantum physics, along with the secret wisdom of ancient civilizations (much of which has never been fully documented)

Consciousness. We are introducing a new culture of consciousness into society; this is a great need in our challenging times. We fulfill this through different media such as media, books, magazines, lectures, workshops, courses, videos, and
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