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Do you like fun fonts?

I love having a variety of fonts to create documents and layer on images (like the ones in this newsletter). I have paid for a ton of them, but through an online training, came across a huge lot of free, yes FREE, fonts (linked below).

Click here to check out Hello Fonts by Hello Literacy.

Preview Fonts with

If you want to preview text in all of your fonts, go to The site allows you to preview your selected text in all the fonts on your computer.

Need to remove an image backgroud? is a site that allows you to remove the background from an image. I use this site when I create a text in powerpoint (using my cute fonts) that I want to layer over in Google or on an image that I need to be transparent (maybe for my Bitmoji classroom).

iFake Text Message

I came across this neat online tool in a webinar. iFake Text Message allows you to customize a text conversation between "people", and you can download it as an image to use in your classroom to engage students. We know how much they LOVE to text!

You could use this as a Morning Message and paste the conversation on the board with reminders or instructions. This could be a place where students take on the persona of a character in a story or a historical figure and create content-based conversations. Or it could be used to introduce or explain vocabulary words/meanings.

Again, another tool that has potential uses for in-class or virtual learning! Check it out!

Calling all Math Teachers!

Have you seen Solvemojis? Fun emoji math puzzles where students use number sentences to figure out a missing number. Numerous levels of difficulty and fun!

As an extension, you could have students create their own Solvemoji puzzles using Google slides or PowerPoint.

Need to convert a paper document to a digital worksheet?

If you need to "digitize" your teaching resources for students, an easy way (especially if you are using Google Classroom), is to capture the document as an image and add it to a Google Slides.

Here is a free .pdf document from The Caffeine Queen Teacher on how to do just that!

Google Chrome Extensions

If you use Google Chrome, then you probably have a few extensions that you use. Here are a few of my favorites and a couple of new ones, too!
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How can I help?

Have a question? Need support? I am here for all of your technology needs! Please contact me, and we can set up a one-on-one Zoom meeting to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

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