Life and Family Services

May 24, 2016

Dear Friends,

Do you still do things just like you did 25 years ago?

Probably not and neither do the clients served by Life and Family Services.

Twenty-five years ago our Teen Parent Early Learning Center was established to encourage teen parents to complete their basic education by providing affordable, high quality child care for their children while they attended school. Through the generosity and support of donors like you, (Thank You!) this program has been very successful in assisting many families.

Over the years, however, the way teen parents are able to obtain their education has changed. Students are now able (and want) to take online classes. This allows them to be at home with their children, therefore changing their need for the Teen Parent Early Learning Center program.

Our board of directors recently reviewed and evaluated each program at Life and Family Services. We considered whether or not we are being good stewards of the generous contributions of our donors and meeting our mission to "Promote life, strengthen families, and offer hope through God's love." During this evaluation we recognized the Teen Parent Early Learning Center program costs $120k per year to operate. Even at full capacity that is $7,500 per student. With the changes in how our teen parents now receive their education, we concluded that continuing this program is an ineffective way to use our resources.

Effective May 31, 2016, we will no longer offer services to our clients through the Teen Parent Early Learning Center program. Educational programs to prepare parents during pregnancy and parenting will continue to be offered to clients through our Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center. The BABE Store will continue to assist parents with the essential needs to care for their children.

Early childhood education is still very important to Life and Family Services. We plan to continue supporting teen parents, early childhood education and families. We are excited and look forward to the opportunity God is giving us to take the skills and knowledge of early childhood education and the way children grow and develop and incorporate it into the thriving classes at the Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center. This will allow us to reach more families and accomplish our mission while being good stewards of funds provided you, our generous donors.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support. Your financial support and volunteerism allows us to be successful in strengthening families throughout the Noble County communities.

God Bless,

Deanna Rodenbeck, Executive Director

Life and Family Services Board of Directors

Delores Forbes, Chair

Jennifer Blackman, Vice-Chair

Katie Mullins, Secretary

Sheryl Hanes, Treasurer

Chris Frazier

Ruth Guthrie

Bill Miller

Jaren Shepherd

Jeff Wolheter