Blackfish Documentary

The Mind of a Locked up Killer Whale


In the film Blackfish directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite was successful in showing how unsafe Sea world is by interviews , clips of attacks, and medical reports.

Example 1 Interview by Ex trainer (0-1:00)

Blackfish: Clip 3 2013 Movie Scene
This video shows me that the trainers know to lie or are thought to lie about the whales treatment at sea world and this leads to them being violent and not responding to the trainers.

Example 2 Attacks

The attacks above show how the animal are frustrated with being captured and kept in small cages through the night.

Example 3 Medical Reports

In this image it shows the medical report of Dawn Brancheau a trainer killed by a whale the medical reports show a lot of broken and fractured body parts. This is an example of whale letting all of his frustration of being locked up on a trainer.


The way these animals are acting make me feel bad for them imagine sitting a tub for your life and being but in a cage all night. After watching this documentary I believe sea world should have to shorten down the amount of time they keep an animal or just close down
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