Wildcat Orchestra

Weekly Update #4

Happy Friday Orchestra Families!

Thank you for another fantastic week of making music! While 7th and 8th graders are continuing to work on chromatics, 6th graders finally learned how to tune their own instruments! I am proud of all the hard work all the students are doing both in full rehearsal and in lessons. They never cease to amaze me at how hard they are willing to work and how quickly they can pick up a new concept. Their love of music is definitely shining through!

We have our first FULL five day week ahead of us! WOO HOO! It surely feels like we have had a lot of days off of school lately and I, for one, am excited to have a normal weekly schedule. Next week also starts October (my favorite month)! Doesn't it feel like school just started?!

Our rehearsal schedule for next week is as follows:

Monday (9/28) - 6th grade morning rehearsal, 7th grade (groups 1-3) lessons

Tuesday (9/29) - 8th grade morning rehearsal, 6th grade lessons

Wednesday (9/30) - 6th grade morning rehearsal

Thursday (10/1) - 7th grade morning rehearsal, 8th grade and 7th grade (groups 4-6) lessons

Friday (10/2) - Wildcat Symphony Orchestra morning rehearsal

** Wildcat Symphony Orchestra is both the 7th AND 8th grade orchestras **

6th Grade Lessons - TUESDAY

Hi 6th graders - due to a district orchestra meeting mid-day, you have a special lesson schedule for this upcoming Tuesday. Next week will will go back to the original lesson schedules. Please to come your lessons at the following times:
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Lets Play In Tune!

All students should know how to tune their own instruments. It is important that while they are practicing their normal orchestra material, they are also practicing tuning their own instrument. Trust me, their practicing sounds MUCH BETTER when their instrument is in tune :)

As there are many ways to tune string instruments, many teachers teach middle school students to tune with a tuner until they have refined their ear. Tuners are not expensive. You can buy the tuners we use at school here (or shop on Amazon for "Korg Tuner").

If you do not want to purchase a tuner, there are many free apps for both Apple Products and Android. I highly recommend looking at a few and seeing which one makes the most sense to you.

As students continue to get better at tuning their instruments, we will continue to train our ears to tune as an ensemble. This is a lifelong process and we will continue to grow as a group each rehearsal and lesson.

Musical Moment of the Week

This weeks musical moment is proof that you can perform anywhere... even in the midst of a traffic jam! Enjoy :)