Ways to Improve Your Memory

Techniques That Work

Organize Yourself!

The information you learn is organized in clusters. The more areas in which information is stored in your brain, the easier it is to recall when you need it. So organize the information you are trying to study. Once test day rolls around, the information you need will be easier to remember.

Rehearse! Again and Again!

Rehearsal is a great way to improve your memory. Maintenance rehearsal may be ways such as repeating the information in your head, or repeating out-loud over and over again until it is stuck in your head. This allows you to connect new information to memories already coded and stored within your long term memory.
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Mnemonic Devices: ROYGBIV- Remember that?

Mnemonic devicese help learn information by associating the new information with information we already know, stored in other places of memory. For example, Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. ROYGBIV is used to remember the colors of the rainbow
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Teach Others!

Teach the information you are learning to others around you! Recalling the information by explaining it to others helps you remember the information. This enhances recalling and understanding.
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Don't Get Distracted!

Pay attention to the material you are studying at night. Put away the cell phone, the iPod, the iPad, and the laptop(unless necessary). Cut off the TV and other other noises/music in the background. In order for the information to move from short term memory to long term memory, you have to be focused.

Taylor Lyda

Honors Online Psychology