OVS High School Weekly Update

February 15 2019 Volume 97

Mark Your Calendars!


Monday, February 18th

  • No School--President's day (No online lessons)


March 4-8th Parent teacher conferences week

  • Monday, March 4th -- NO ONLINE LESSONS
  • Wednesday, March 6th --Parent Teacher Conferences @ 4:30 to 8pm @ 60 & L
  • Thursday, March 7th--NO ISL
  • Thursday, March 7th--Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00 to 8pm @ MCC
  • Friday, March 8th – NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS-No Online lessons

High School Registration Infosession and Q&A (With Parents)

  • Tuesday, March 5th @ 8:30-9:15am at MCC-room TBD
  • Thursday, March 7th @ 8:30-9:15am at MCC-Room TBD

High School Registration Infosession and Q&A (With Learners-during advisement class)

  • Tuesday, March 5th
  • Thursday, March 7th

Coming in March

  • Re-registration information will be coming during Parent-Teacher Conferences. Stay tuned!

Penny Wars--UPDATE

Mr. Gamble and Mr. D did the polar plunge last weekend for the Special Olympics!

All money collected from the first week went to sponsor Mr. Gamble's and Mr. D's Polar Plunge Fundraising for Special Olympics. Money collected the second week will go directly to the Special Olympics of Nebraska. We raised over $85 total.

The final counts were too close to call. Middle School won by a small margin, but since we all win when we come together for a good cause, ALL STUDENTS grades K-10 may wear pajamas on their face-to-face class day on the week of February 18. Please keep your pajama choices appropriate for school.

Thank you all for your support!


The robotics teams have performed wonderfully this season. All students involved have worked so hard the past several months to represent themselves and the school. I am extremely proud of all the students and the effort they put into this program.

The middle/high school concluded their regular season with three tournaments under their belt. The teams placed 4th, 17th, and 23rd at the recent tournament at Beveridge. One team even reached the semi-finals! I just received the final season standings for the Skills competition and ALL THREE QUALIFY FOR REGIONALS! All three teams will compete March 1-2 in the Heartland Regionals. More information to follow on this.

The elementary teams did outstanding at the Davis Middle competition with one team (C4149C) winning the tournament! This automatically qualified them for the Heartland Regionals this past Saturday, WHICH THEY WON!! Congratulations to them on their hard-fought victory. This win automatically qualified them for the US Open on April 3-4. This is the top tournament for the Create Jr. level. Good luck to them.

I’m eager to see what the middle school Regionals and Create Jr. US Open brings for these students.

Learning Coach Training Survey

How would you like to view learning coach trainings?

Complete this 2 question survey to provide input.

High School Hangout

When: Friday, Feb 22nd @ 1-3pm.

Where: Spielbound 33rd and Harney

Cost $5.00 (can buy snacks there if you want also)

Come and play games with your friends!

Spielbound website: http://spielbound.com/

The Book Fair is coming!

Books and Volunteering!

During the week of Parent-Teacher Conferences, the OVS Synergy is hosting a book fair at the 60 & L location to raise funds for our school.

Volunteer opportunities are available. We welcome parents and high school students to volunteer. Sign up by clicking HERE

*Please note: to sign-up to volunteer, you have to make an account. This account lets you also preview the book fair books and specials!

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OVS Synergy Updates

Upcoming OVS Family Events Sponsored by OVS SYNERGY

2/22- Parents night out 5-8pm at 60 & L

2/26- Skate Daze 6-8pm

3/5-8 Book Fair- @ 60 & L

4/26- Game Night 5:30-7:30 @ 60 & L

More info:

  • LC Book Club:
    We are gauging LC interest in a book club! This is a way for us to gather and get to know one another, AND model a love of reading for our learners! If you are interested, please email Ashley at mullerfam6@gmail.com

  • The Next Parents Night Out is Feb 22nd from 5-8pm. We are still looking for more volunteers so if you're interested please email Michelle at Michelle.leigh@hotmail.com

  • Jan 29-31st will be the OVS materials exchange in the basement of the K-8 building. Please also bring lightly used OVS Gear you no longer need. Synergy Socials will be taking place in the Learning Lounge during this time as well. High School Parents can join any session. Tues/Thursdays at 9am or 1pm, Wednesdays at 9am.

  • OVS is looking for a parent volunteer to help with the PTO taxes this year. Email Wendy if you are interested.

High School Learning Coaches Facebook Group

A few learning coaches have requested a separate facebook group for high school only. Here is the link for that group.


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Classroom happenings

Mrs. Mendoza's Updates

English 9: Unit 2 The Power of Language: We focus on rhetoric and informational works!

English 10: Unit 3 Cry the Beloved Country: Literature and themes at its finest!

Yearbook/Journalism: Yearbook Ladder: Cycle 1 of yearbook production has begun! Check your page assignments on K12 and start building content.

Online Lessons:

Monday: No Lessons (President's Day)

Wednesday: 9:15-10:15am - English 10

11:30 - 12:15pm - English 9

Friday: 10:15-11:15am - Journalism/Yearbook

Mr. Brannan's Updates

UNL is offering a "Hack Day" February 23. Sounds like it may be pretty fun if any of your students are interested. Pl;ease follow this link for more information: http://cse.unl.edu/cse-hack-day

I have had a few students and parents inquire about driver's ed. I teach for All Metro Driving School during the summers and they conduct classes year round. Please visit their website: https://www.allmetrodrivingschool.com

Looking Ahead

Encourage your students to read their content and follow assignment rubrics closely. We have a lot of students attempting to complete assignments without reading content, or instructions

No online lessons Monday and no Computer Fundamental online lesson Friday.

Please do not forget about the Computer Fundamentals class. The computer class is a required, credit bearing class and many of our students are far behind.

Weekly Online Lessons

Monday: History 8:30-9:15

Geography 10:15-11:00

History-As Needed 1:00

Geography-As Needed 2:00

Wednesday: History 8:30-9:15

Geography 10:15-11:00

History-As Needed 1:00

Geography-As Needed 2:00

Mrs. Ignowski's Updates

Week in Review

Physical Science: Students should be working within Unit 4: Atoms until they have submitted their project. Some have yet to turn in their Unit 2 Animation Project.

Biology: Students should have completed Unit 2, Evolution. I look forward to viewing their animations.

Honors Biology: Students should have turned in their Honors Project game for Unit 2.

Earth Science: Students should be working in Unit 2, Oceans. At this point in time many are behind. Please reach out for assistance if needed. I know it may seem overwhelming since we only meet once a month.

Astronomy: Students should be working within Unit 3. At this point in time many are behind. Please reach out for assistance if needed. I know it may seem overwhelming since we only meet once a month.

Physical Education: Students should have completed Unit 5 by the end of this week. This includes daily quizzes, 30 minutes of daily activity, and an activity outlining their daily activity. Please take a look at the pacing guide and reach out if you have any questions.

Looking Ahead

Physical Science: Students will come to the learning center ready to discuss their assigned elements.

Biology: Students will come to the learning center ready to discuss dichotomous keys.

Honors Biology: Students could be more proactive with their Honors Project game for Unit 3.

Earth Science: Students will come to the learning center ready to troubleshoot any assignments necessary. Our second "dedicated" F2F session will be Friday February 15th.

Astronomy: Students will come to the learning center ready to troubleshoot any assignments necessary. Our second "dedicated" F2F session will be Friday February 15th.

Physical Education: Students will start Unit 6. Please be sure you are inputting your students daily 30 minutes for attendance purposes. This will accumulate towards their engagement expectations of 1,080 hours of instruction.

Weekly Online Lessons

The regular online lesson schedule see below.

  • Physical Science: Mondays OR Wednesdays 10-10:45 (each student in this course was assigned a specific session)
  • Biology: Mondays OR Wednesdays 11:30-12:15 (each student in this course was assigned a specific session)
  • Earth Science: 2nd Monday of the month 9:15-10:15 our next and last session will be Friday May 10th
  • Astronomy: 2nd Monday of the month 11:30-12:30 our next and last session will be Friday May 10th

Mr. Gamble's Updates

Week in Review:
The week was productive and learners accomplished a lot. High school students got new devices with an image that addressed many problems in the past.

Looking Ahead:
We want to continue riding the momentum we have gained due to the hard work the learners are putting forth in their coursework. Keep watching the pacing guide for the expected completion tasks. Also, remember all lesson quizzes require an A, B, or C to move forward. All tests require an A or B. If you don’t achieve these levels of mastery, you must review, relearn, and retake.

Reach out for assistance with any areas that are proving difficult. I am eager to help you during the available times. I am available during PIT on Wednesday (60th & L) 1-3, Friday (online) 10-11, as well as the normal required online sessions.

This month’s resource can be effective for all courses. Mathway is a great resource for parents to support their learners in math. This free math problem solver answers Algebra, Geometry, and many more problems with step-by-step explanations. It is set in the form of a scientific calculator for all notations.


Weekly Online Math Lessons:
Online lessons have resumed. Remember that all math lessons are required for all learners. This will allow us to connect on past, present, or future topics.

The schedule for regular online Math sessions is as follows:

  • PreAlgebra: Thursdays @ 1:30 – 2:00.
  • Algebra 1: Wednesdays @ 1:30 – 2:00.
  • Geometry & Honors: Mondays @ 1:00 – 1:30.
  • Algebra 2 & Honors: Thursdays @ 1:30 – 2:00.
  • PreCalc/Trig: Thursdays @ 1:30 – 2:00.

Mr. Koneck-Wilcox's Updates

February 8, 2019

Did you check what happened on Ground Hog Day ?

Did your favorite team win ?

Are you current with the pacing guide ?

Some short questions , relevant or trivial , may get you going.

During advisement, I always ask the students, " How were you creative this past week, what did you accomplish ?" I want them to plan ahead, to review , to adjust what they are doing.

We will use Naviance to work on portfolios.


"Your TALENT determines what you can do. Your MOTIVATION determines how much you are willing to do. Your ATTITUDE determines how well you do it." - Lou Holtz

February 1,2019

Yeah ! Naviance works for our students !

Each student had the opportunity to navigate the nuances of Naviance. This program will be available for the rest of their high school years.

Career exploration , job searching , college choices , resume writing are just a few of the tasks that students will complete.

Today we took a look at 'Road trip nation ' , a short interview with someone in a profession. The task for next week is to look at two more interviews. The students have over 5,000 videos to select from for a quick look at an occupation.

Ask your student to show you one. Maybe they could even find your profession !

" Intelligence plus character--- that is the goal of true education. "

----- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 25, 2019

This has been a testing week , both MAP and driving !

Students touched base regarding schedules, changes , and plans for the semester.

Next week students will be creating portfolios on the Nebraska Career Connections site.

As the weather shows the strength of winter , I am reminded of what my grandma used to say." May you always have enough wood to stay warm , potatoes and apples to be fed, and family around to comfort you."

January 17, 2019

The students discussed the opportunities to attend college in Nebraska . They mentioned UNL, UNO, Creighton , Kearney and St. Mary's to name a few. Ask your student what they might like.

This weekend take a look up at the moon. UNO Durham Planetarium will have free viewing of the lunar eclipse between 8:30 and midnight on Sunday , January 20th. Go check it out !

We have scheduled two more college visits ! Creighton University is our next trip on Thursday , March 21 . On April 9, we will head to Midland University .

All high school students may attend these field trips.

These discussions are making our students think about the future and where they may be creative, working and helping others the best way .

" Everyone has an opportunity to be great because everyone has an opportunity to serve."

---- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Welcome to 2019 !

This week students worked on setting schedules for school work at home. Thanks to all LCs for encouraging and helping.

We have plans to visit colleges this Spring. We want to check out Creighton and Midlands.

The students will be creating portfolios on the Nebraskacareerconnections.org site.

This will be a good start for post high school endeavors.

Dream big !

" Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination."

----Mae C. Jemison

Troubles with your device?

If you are having issues with your student's device, please email your issue/concern to this email address: ovs-techhelp@ops.org

Parents will get an email response following your submission. One of our staff members will email parents back to provide assistance, so be sure to check your email after sending your concern.

Mission Statement

We are a dynamic and nurturing community of learners that empowers students to reach their individual potential by providing a creative atmosphere for innovative learning and academic excellence.


Future ready, today.

Core Values

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