Ayyoub Anes Anbari

Iceland Reykjavík


My name is ayyoub anes. Im from iceland. I´m 13 years old.

My birthday is 19th 09 2001.

I live in Reykjavík

. my best friends is Hilmir Hrafnsson, Kristall, Arnór, Jóhann, and Örnólfur.


I have only one hobby and tha´s football.

I play with fjolnir is team in reykjavík.

Im left winger and I shout with left foot.

I play 4 times in week and why play match when is not train.

I have play football in 9 years

My favorite

My favorite foot is couscous and sffa is morroco foot

Im from morroco but I live in iceland .

and my favorite team is the best team i the world barcelona I love barcelona very much.

My best player is hacim mastour he play with ac milan he is 19 years old


I have one brother and one syster .

My brother name is Yasser and my syster name is Kawtar.

My mam name is Nadia and my dad name is redouane adam.

My brother is 15 years old and my sister is 17 years old.

My mam is 39 old and my dad is 49 years old

My school

My school´s name is Kelduskóli. I am in 8th class. There are 23 in my class. I have been in this school for 8 years. In this school there are 350 students.
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