The Demeter seeds

Demeter Flower Seeds

I have made a product after the great god Demeter

I have made flower seeds that fit in every garden around the world.
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All about my Product

The Demeter flower seeds are flower seeds that fit perfect it any garden. They come in all different seeds like sunflower, cosmos, rose, daisy,tulip and much more. These flower seeds fits in all types of gardens. These seeds are most appropriate in spring and summer. The seeds to not take a long time to grow. In a couple of weeks after watering and caring them they will start to grow faster than any other flower seed brand.

How to take care of product

All the different types of seeds are require the same amount of treatment. The right care of flowers are important for the flowers so they stay very healthy. You should watering flowers at least once a week. Twice at week is preferred because they will be much healthier and of course will last longer.
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The prices for the seeds are all different...

Sunflower: $5.99

Cosmos: $4.99

Rose: $5.50

Daisy: $3.50

Tulip: $4.15

And much more for a insanely cheap price

FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!