Genentech: Rank #36

Trevor Spillane

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What makes it so great

This biotech firm inspires employees with tear-jerking presentations by patients whose lives have been helped by Genentech products. "There is a sense of purpose when you share clients' stories," says one employee. "We are all working toward the same goal: life."


Genentech encourages diversity and having a diverse culture. They believe that having a diverse culture encourages new ideas and better thinking.


Genentech values are very morally positive. They encourage passion and giving things your best effort. They also promote courage and integrity because both are needed in a company like their's.

What does Genentech do?

The primary mission of Genentech Research and Early Development is to keep the product pipeline full of new drug candidates for serious and life-threatening diseases. While perhaps best known for our work in oncology, which remains a major focus area, we have major initiatives ongoing in the areas of immunology, neuroscience, metabolism, and infectious disease.

HQ Location

The headquarters of Genentech is located in South San Francisco, California.


The Genentech slogan is "In business for life" because they are a biotech company that is focused on increasing the human condition for everyone.


Genentech employs 11,148 US employees. They receive 133,752 applicants for their open positions. They only have 658 job openings.


Genentech provides fully paid sabbaticals for their employees. They provide onsite child care and an onsite fitness facility.


Genentech is very diverse. 49% of all employees are minorities and 51% of all employees are women.


During 2011 Genentech had a revenue of $13,772,000,000 or thirteen billion seven-hundred seventy-two million dollars.