Igor Kheifets and Reed Floren

Solo Ad Review - Read Before You Buy

Looking for Quality Solo Ads That Work? Keep Reading This...

Want to learn how to build an email list that can save you time and money? Solo Ads are a good way to promote a website, offer, or launch a new product idea.

Why Are They Called "Solo" Ads?

They are sent alone (solo) to a list of subscribers who are open to learning about your offer.

What Is A Solo Ad Directory?

Solo ads are offered through various sites. When multiple vendors offer solo ads on one site it is referred to as a directory. Reed Floren and Igor Kheifets offer these kinds of directories.

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Why Buy solo Ads?

A solo ad lets you get to the finish line faster. In other words all of the promotions that you see online are trying to get you to buy a product or service. Did you know that most of these products will be purchased because you received information about them in your email?

Instead of worrying about landing (squeeze) pages, opt-in forms, etc. a solo ad goes right into the email box of your prospect. Solo Ads eliminate many steps and can put your offer in front of buyers.

Why Track Solo Ads?

You must! It's the only way to determine if a particular solo ad vendor really delivered on their promise.

Fortunately there are many free sites that will let you track solo ads (or any other URL based offer). Here are a few that you can try:





Good tracking sites will tell you how many clicks your offer received and even which part of the world the clicks came from.

What Are the Dangers of Solo Ads?

You must buy your solo ad from a vendor (like OddIncome.Com) that has an audience that reaches further than the IM (Internet Markteing) or MMO (Make Money Online) niche.

When you reach a broader market of list subscribers you have a better chance at higher conversions. It also avoids "ad blindness" that comes from seeing the same types of offers over and over again.

Also make sure that the majority of the list subscribers are based in the USA. OddIncome's subscriber base network flucuates between 75% to 85% USA subscribers.

If your clickthrough shows more than 50% of the traffic coming from third-world countries these may not be authentic clicks.

What Are Some Tips to Increase Solo Ad Success?

Here are some tips to use when you buy solo ads. Use them when purchasing your next solo ad:

Track! - you MUST track the URL that you use in your ad. Free sites (like those listed earlier) will allow you to create more than one conversion link.

Test - it's a good idea to test one solo ad against another. One of the biggest factors will be the headline you use in the ads.

High Converting Offers - if you use a tested and proven offer you will have a much higher chance of success.

Start Small - you may want to make your first solo ad purchase small and then increase future buys based on results

High Quality Solo Ads

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