Sing my canción

ELE activity for students in MYP 1,2,3,4

Sing my canción

The project

  • In this Unit students were able to produce a music video clip and to compose an original song. Students improved their pronunciation and during the writing process they rhymed words and work with rhythm. Vocabulary from Unit 4 was included. This was a pair work project.


  • Students gave the teacher their original lyrics and after the teacher´s corrections, they memorized their song. Then they sang their songs during classes and recorded a video as the background for their final video clip project. Finally students recorded using Green Screen and singing in playback.

  • The final product is a video-clip with everything together.

  • As the school is only running laptop program from 9th grade in advance, only them have to edit their song and their video.

  • Grade 8th and 9th, wrote a text answering the following questions:

1- ¿De qué va la canción?
2- ¿Qué vais a grabar como vídeo de fondo?
2.1- ¿Qué relación tiene con la canción?
3- ¿Qué ropa vais a llevar?
4- ¿Qué movimientos vais a hacer? Describir.
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Students guides


In order to help the students sharing their songs, the teacher uploaded them, after the editing, to Soundcloud. You can click in the grades to hear them.


Mi Caramelo
Lennard, Catherine Song
Taco Burito
Ahmet y Phil - SABADO
Gaia y Olivia
La casa de mis sueños
Aaron y Charlie

If you need to know how to use the green screen with iMovie

How to use green-screen in iMovie