my wwii katana

a study of old items in the house by: parker luce

In the Beginning of my Research

I was in the living room of my house one day when I looked up and saw a strange sword on a mount above the fireplace. I asked my dad and he said it was a katana or Japanese long sword. As always, I was hungry for more facts and that is how I have begun this study.

Extra information

This katana of excellence is a 46 foot Japanese long sword. It was used for decoration at my house, although it was obtained as a war prize. It was on a ship when my great granddad picked it out to bring home from the battle.

My Great Granddad (My Fathers Side)

My great granddad’s name was David Rose. He was chaplain during World War II, but before that, he was a priest at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church. He wrote two books as well one about his perspective of the war and another about growing a strong mature faith in Christ.

What Was Going On in America

The president during World War Two while my great granddad was alive was Franklin Roosevelt who died a month before Germany surrendered in 1945. The population of America at that time was 132,164,569. The inventions of the time of World War Two included the famously explosive atomic bomb, the jerrycan, and synthetic rubber.

What Was Going on in the World

World War Two raged on all over the world and the most major attacks included the bombing of Pearl Harbor, an attack on or supply ships during World War Two. The leaders of the three main countries battling (besides USA) were Winston Churchill for Great Britain, USSR’s leader was Josef Stalin and Germany's, of course, was Adolf Hitler. Another important thing happened in the world while the battles raged on in Europe, two scientists discovered DNA and shared it with the word.

Differences Today

Today instead of a katana for decoration we would have pictures. Or we would have machine guns and rifles instead of a sword like a katana. For a war prize we would have a beat up gun, or weapon or even the uniform of the opponents Or parts of a wrecked battleship. If people were even allowed to have war prizes today.

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