Pastry Chef Job Shadowing

By Jacob Eilert

Arrived at 8:00 AM

  • Arrived at French Cake n' Bake bakery
  • Greeted mentor Tarmmy Cater at in the front door, asked general questions like how her day was.
  • Introduced me to the rest of the workers there, introduced myself to them.

8:30 Am To 10:25 Am

  • She took me to the back, and showed me who works where.
  • Told me who does what, and where each item is stored.
  • Showed me where they stored away the food items.
  • We sit down, I ask her about how it's like to work here.

Some Of the Foods I Noticed At The Bakery And Sweets Shop

10:26 Am To 11:00 Am

  • Cater brings me to the back where they bake their breads and pastries. She gives me a demo of what it's like to work there, and tells me to watch as she prepares a Chocolate Haupia Pie. (The picture to the left is said pie)
  • After that, she puts it in the oven and tells me to go back to the table we last sat in and wait for her there.
  • A few minutes later, she comes out with two plates of the pie. As we eat, I ask her questions of how it's like to work in such a busy job.
  • At around 11:15 am I left the job shadowing.

The Ups:

  • Shows you how it's like to be working behind the kitchen.
  • Teaches you that you have to be calm when dealing with job issues rather than getting mad and not fixing the problem.
  • Teaches you that being a chef is hard work, and that you have to multitask a lot to get your work done.

The Downs:

  • How long it takes to become a master chef, fifteen plus years.
  • When you start working, the wage is lower than the minimum.
  • It is very possible for you to overwork yourself in this profession, due to how many hours you work in the job.

Why I want to be a Pastry Chef

  • I've always loved sweet food.
  • preparing and baking food has always been considered calming to me.
  • I'd make me feel accomplished, being the only family member to be a chef.
  • Everyone in my family has known how to cook, might as well be a professional cook in the family for once.

Requirements for becoming a Patisserie Chef

  • At least a High School Diploma, and two to three years of apprenticeship.
  • Recommended to go to applied science baking and pastry art programs.
  • Many recommended courses for the professions of Pastry Chef.
  • Highly recommended to get an official certification, naming you Master Patisserie Chef.
  • Takes fifteen to sixteen plus years to be awarded Master Patisserie Chef.
  • Takes six years if you do not go to college and only get a high school diploma and apprenticeship.
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Wages For Chefs

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