Jeroen van Beurden for President!

In your guts, you know he's nuts!

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I am Jeroen van Beurden and I would like you to vote for me because I want to change The Unisted States of America because some laws are not OK!

Some laws that need to be changed:

- I would like to change the Gun law, because the use of guns can be very dangerous and you can harm yourself.

- I also want that the same sex marriage is allowed in each and every state.

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The video,

This song will be the new national anthem because I think the current one is way to boring and to old.
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Vice President

This will be my new Vice President her name is Kaithlyn Jenner and she is very smart and she knows how to rule the country when Í'm not here.
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When my vice president dies.

When Kaithlyn dies my new vice president will be :

Changes for America

At first I would like to build a new white house because the old one looks old. And the house must be build in Los Angeles.
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For the Zombie Apocolypse

We will have to stock a lot of KFC Chicken because you never know what is going to happen. We will also have to stock weapons, more chicken, money, beer, vodka, Whisky, even more chicken and more beer.

more kfc restaurants

In my opinion there are not enough KFC restaurants so I want to change that. In every city there have to be at least 2 KFC restaurants.
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Fireworks should be legal!

Fireworks should be legal in America because its fun and because the current new years eve is boring.
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