middle school worst year of my life


kinds of conflict

the conflict is man vs society because he is trying to fit in and that what leads him to get in trouble and suspended .

direct and indirect characters

they use direct characterization with everyone in the story with pictures and descriptive words


their is two main settings hills village middle school and thier house


its about a 6th grader named Rafe who goes to hills village middle school and he has a plans a game called operation R.A.F.E that means rules are not for everyone.that means he has to break every rule in the schools student handbook,their is obstacle in the game like principles and bear (evil stepdad) and he has a sister named Georgia. The end of the book he gets in-trouble,then he stops the game,then his counselor helps him find the good in him and helps him get back in the school next year , because he got expelled

Authors theme

just because you don't fit in ,dont change who you are for others just be yourself