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March 21, 2016

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Important Dates

  • March 21-25: Teacher Appreciation Week :)
  • March 21-April 1: Professional Learning Rotation (team planning time)
  • March 22: Grade Level APTT Debrief Sessions during Planning Time (Emmert's room)
  • March 23: Big Canyon Balloon In-School Field Trip for Science
  • March 25: Kona Ice
  • March 30: Earth Orbit Expo- in-school Field Trip
  • March 30: Faculty Meeting--GA Milestones Training
  • March 30: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night for Brandywine Elementary 5-7pm
  • March 31: ESOL Parent Information Session 6-7pm
  • April 4-8: Spring Break
  • April 13: Faculty Meeting
  • April 13: Chick-fil-A Midway Spirit Night 5-7 pm
  • April 14: GA Milestone - ELA sections 1 & 2
  • April 15: GA Milestone - ELA sections 1 & 2 (Day 2/makeups)
  • April 18: GA Milestone - ELA section 3
  • April 19: GA Milestone - ELA section 3 (Day 2/makeups)
  • April 20: GA Milestone - Math
  • April 21: GA Milestone - Math (Day 2/makeups)
  • April 25: GA Milestone - Science
  • April 26: GA Milestone - Science (Day 2/makeups)
  • April 27: GA Milestone - Social Studies
  • April 28: GA Milestone - Social Studies (Day 2/makeups)
  • May 2 - 13: Professional Learning Rotation
  • May 4: School Nurses' Day
  • May 6: Field Day
  • May 16-27: Professional Learning Rotation

From Daisy's Desk

Thank you for all the hard work this week in delivering another very successful APTT session! Please hold on to your goal sheets & attendance sheets until Tuesday, March 22nd. You will bring these two items to the Conference Room for a debriefing session during your planning time on that date. We will collect them after data has been entered!

Vocabulary Magic

One of the sessions I attended at the National Youth At-Risk Conference a few weeks ago had great ideas for making vocabulary stick in students' brains! JoAnne Billingsley shared some of her strategies for Vocabulary Magic. She has many strategies, but one of the strategies she shared was a picture page (a sample that I created for my 4th & 5th grade morning lab group is below).

To implement the use of a picture page, you can:

1. In pairs or small groups, have children tap into their hippocampus & access prior knowledge by just talking about what they observe in the pictures.

2. You'll notice the words listed at the bottom. Our brains love puzzles, it's magic....students' brains will automatically start making connections between the words and the pictures!

*I've implemented this with my small morning lab group so I haven't gone beyond steps 1 & 2, but here are her suggestions...

3. Have a copy of the picture page on the whiteboard. The first time, ask students to say what they thought the word is. If there’s a sense of confusion among the group, don’t call out the kid that said something different….explain the simply explain the definition of the correct word & then as a group the students repeat what word the correct word is.

4. You could offer a graphic organizer with 3 columns. (word/your definition/new information)

5. Finally, offer a reading passage with all the words in it. When they come across the word in the passage, the student will circle the word & make a memory jot in the margin of the page.

This activity engages over 30 parts of the brain simultaneously!!!

The kids in my morning lab have requested more picture pages!! I've only done a few and one 4th grade girl said, "I love them! They help me so much!"

I'm sold on this strategy! It would be a fantastic way to review science & social students content! Let me know if you want clarification on any of this!

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Partner in Education Spotlight:

Zoo Atlanta welcomes educators and administrative support staff with FREE admission at Educator Appreciation Day presented by PNC Bank on Saturday, March 19. Accompanying guests will receive $2 off general admission. You must bring an employee ID that includes a photo or pay stub or name badge imprinted with school name or county AND a state-issued photo ID. To learn more and to register in advance for expedited entry, click here.

Lollipop Moments

~Thank you to Lynn Bump for preparing awesome summer calendars and summer tips for APTT!

~Thank you to Danielle Brown for turning in PERFECT Book Fair money and checks! She even had phone numbers on every check. Made Missy's life a whole lot easier!

~Thank you to Kim Benton for filling in with 4th grade APTT at the very last minute!

~Thank you to Rebekah Valdivia for being flexible and helping out wherever we need her!

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