Cracking the "CODE"ing

Coding for students

Why Teach Kids to Code

No technology or limited technology?

No technology?

Use the activity on this link or any below if no technology is available or to introduce coding.

Web Resources for Coding

*These resources are accessible on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Beginning Coding with Coding blocks

Start here with Kindergarten

Big image
Start here - Coding with Angry Birds

The very basics with coding blocks using the Angry Birds characters

Or HERE with Frozen

This coding blocks activity was designed for girls using the Frozen characters

More Coding Blocks with LightBot

Level 1 for K-2, Level 2 gets difficult Also has free and paid apps available

Coding with Programming Language

Programming Games Online or in the App Store

Code in the Classroom

Open Coding with iPad apps


Kodu Game Lab site and Downloads

Tech Tribe Blogpost on Teaching with Kodu

Sarah blogs about using Kodu in her elementary tech apps class.

Integrating Coding into the Core Curriculum

This link takes you to a Symbaloo with articles and resources for coding.

The ultimate use of Coding tools is your students using coding to make animations or games with core content. To see examples, go to the Hopscotch app and search topics such as Moon Phases, Water Cycle, Cells, addition or choose your own topic. Students can create their own games, edit others games, or watch videos on how to create the game.
5-day Coding Curriculum

Thins link guides teachers through five basic 30-minutes lessons with elementary students.

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