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Locomotion Book Review

Locomotion is a great book by Jaqueline Woodson about a boy named Lonnie, but his mother gave him the nickname Locomotion. Locomotion's parents both died in a tragic fire and he was forced to live on the streets. He meets several challenges along the way. It is a very good book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get engaged in a really good book.

Rating: 4 Stars

Age Reccomendation: Age 10-18 would enjoy this book most

The Interview

I am here with Logan and Daisy from The Candymakers. I am just going to ask them a couple questions each. Here we go! Daisy, how could describe the sensation of the Cocoa Room? "It is amazing! All of the machines making the process of making esquisite chocolate working out!" Okay. Logan, What judgement could be made about everyone's reaction to your appearence? " When everyone showed up, it was kind of overwhelming because everyone was unique in their own way." Interesting! Daisy, do you think that you and Miles had a connection at the pond? "Well, we are defintely good friends! But nothing "romantic" happened. I just wanted to make sure that he didnt know what I was". I thought so. Logan, How would you summarize your life in the candy factory? " My life in the candy factory isnt just wake up, eat candy, go to the factory, eat candy. It actually takes alot of effort! However, I do eat a lot of candy." Cool. Now, Daisy, what might we infer about you kicking Miles in the shin under the tree? "For the last time, NOTHING! I have no feelings for him except for me wanting to be his friend." Wow! Logan, Why do you think Daisy is being so protective over you? " Because she wants to be my friend. It's as simple as that." True. Daisy, what evidence supports that identity of the person you attacked in the Cocoa Room? " Well, I'm not allowed to give away to much information but the person had to have been in the Cocoa Room before because they knew exactly where to go." Okay, next question. Why do you think Miles is allergic to so many things? " I dont know for sure but he was probably just born with alot of allergies. That makes sense. Daisy, How is what you did at the Cocoa Room related to who stole the recipe? " "We" are related becuase we were both trying to get the ingediant, not the recipe." Same thing but okay. That's allwe have time for today folks. See you next time when we will be interviewing Will Smith! Have a great day and thanks for watching.