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Honors Literature 9

Six Word Memoir

Smashed alarm clock and slept forever.

1984 Bingo 1:Author Study of George Orwell

George Orwell lived during the early 1900s and was renowned for his work as a novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic. His real name was Eric Arthur Blair and he was born in British India on June 25, 1903. The year after Eric was born his mother moved to Oxfordshire taking with her Eric and his two sisters. After staying in Oxfordshire for a few years, the family moved to Shiplake, a rural village situated on the River Thames. It was around the time that the family moved to Shiplake that Eric started to aspire to become a famous writer. Another dystopian writer that inspired Eric was H.G. Wells.

Eric’s earliest successes in Literature came after he wrote two poems that were published in The Henley and South Oxfordshire Standard, the local newspaper. These poems earned him scholarships to Wellington and Eton Colleges. After much indecision, Eric attended Eton until he was 18. Because of a combination of Eric’s academic performance and the lack of money, Eric’s family was unable to send him to a university. After his education years ended, Eric joined the Imperial Police, which was the ancestor of the Indian Police Services.

Eric worked as a police for some time and then decided to become a teacher in 1932. However in 1936, Orwell decided to participate in the Spanish Civil War and he was quickly promoted to a corporal due to his training in the police forces. Orwell’s experiences in the war led him to write Homage to Catalonia a memoir dedicated to his story during the war.

Eric applied to fight in World War II however the British government declared him unfit for any kind of military service. However, inspired by the politics of The War, he wrote one his most famous books Animal Farm.

In July of 1946, Orwell started to work on his final book 1984. Moved to Isle of Jura and he would finish the book and publish it in 1949. On January 21st 1950 Eric Arthur Blair died in University College Hospital and he was buried in All Saints’ Churchyard.

During his life as an author, Orwell earned numerous awards such as being ranked by The Times as “the second greatest British Author since 1945”. In 1984 his book Nineteen Eighty-Four was awarded the Prometheus Award for its contributions to dystopian literature.

1984 Bingo 2:Blog Post- Are we heading towards a dystopian society?

I believe that the United States has started to head towards a dystopian society. A dystopian society is a community that is frightening or undesirable. Ever since America has passed the Patriot Act which has slowly allowed the government to intrude on private affairs of citizens in the US. At first the patriot act was used to locate possible terrorists after the 9/11 attacks. However, instead of it now being limited to only a select few individuals being monitored, the entire bulk of the US population now is under constant surveillance ranging from phone data to emails. The way that the government is able to constantly supervise the populace is similar to the situation that happens in George Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984. In the novel, the citizens of London are always under watch by a range of cameras and spies. If America is to continue down the path of always intruding on the privacy then it will result in a government similar to the one in 1984.

1984 Bingo 3:Blog Post- Ideals of Freedom

Freedom is an undefined ability to do whatever one desires. According to political philosopher John Locke, every man is entitled to the freedom to life, liberty, and property. However in John Locke's society, man referred to any rich, white male that owned land. Now the term freedom in the US is defined as the right to free speech, right to bear arms, right to assemble, etc.. These freedoms that the American government provides are the maximum that a democratic system such as the one that the US currently operates under can allow. If any more rights were to be given to the people, it would unbalance the government there would no longer be a defined power that could direct the general public. This means that under one of the most liberating governmental systems, freedom still cannot be achieved. The only way for any person attain "freedom" is for there to be no governmental system at all. An anarchy, otherwise known as the lack of government, would be ideal in giving people the maximum amount of "freedom". However, if this type of system were to be established, people would not have the protection of a government that is provided under other systems. This is why terms such as the "social contract" have been coined. The social contract is a theory that in order to obtain the protection of a governmental system, a person would have to sacrifice certain rights in return.

1984 Bingo 4: 10 Rules for Your Dystopian Society

1. Being alone, except when you sleep, is forbidden

2. Never evade the cameras

3. The group is more important than the member

4. All work must be done for the benefit of the government

5. What the government says is absolute law

6. Any resistance is punishable by death

7. Negative thoughts about the government is forbidden

8. Independent thought is forbidden

9. No religious worship

10. The government controls all aspects of life

1984 Bingo Post 5: Propoganda poster for Ms. Sibold's classroom

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