Yoplait Triple Berry Smoothie

By: Jada, Johanna, Monterey, and Kennedy!

Why your tastbuds dance...!

The Yoplait Triple Berry Smoothie will be a smoothie to remember! Next time you are in the grocery store and spot a smoothie you will immediately reach for this one. It has strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, along with Yoplait's famous nonfat yogurt! It is gluten free. Out of this smoothie you will get 50% of your daily calcium, 25% of your daily vitamin c, and 4% iron. Guess what? It is only 110 calories,very healthy, and nutritious!

If your interested...

The price for this delicious smoothie is $4.06 for two servings, but if you try to imitate this smoothie at a different place, first, it won't taste as good, and second, it costs more. The unit price is 50 cents per ounce!
Frozen Fruit Smoothies From Yoplait Smoothie

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A pretty basic idea: goodness is better than badness. And SO goodness is better than just plain goodness.

Yoplait is striving for SO goodness. In the yogurts they make and in the way they behave.

Yoplait also supports causes that you care about. Like fighting breast cancer.People say life is really about the little moments of SO goodness.

We want your help spreading SO goodness. There is actually way more good going on than people talk about. Let's share it with you!

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