Fourth Grade December Newsletter

It's a short month with LOTS of activities!!

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News From Mrs. Atha

Hello families! We are off and running in our final stretch of 2017. December may be a short school month, but, I guarantee it is going to be PACKED with lots of activities, work, and learning. We have lots to do in a very short time, so please talk with your kiddos about not getting lax about reading over the month. I encourage students (frankly I expect them) to be reading every day or night for at least 20 minutes. Yes, that does include vacation time. I know there are lots and lots of activities to do during the holidays, but you would not believe the amount of a slide students take if they do not read during break. This does NOT have to be a formal undertaking, but should be a habit that students are in already. Thanks for helping with this!

Attached are some activities you can do at home that help students comprehend what they have read. They are quick, easy, and informal.

During social studies we will be studying Native Americans and creating a Native American Museum that will be open for display on Wednesday, December 20. You are all invited to come in and look at the pieces that the students have created.

Mark your calendars! We will be having our Native American Museum in our

on Wednesday, December 20. All parents are invited to attend.

The class website is an excellent resource to find out any information regarding what we are learning in class. I encourage you to check it out below.

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Math and Science from Mr. Bott's Class

In math we are continuing to divide, estimate and round to the nearest 10 and 100. Our minimum learning target/goal is to divide up to four-digit dividends by one-digit divisors, or 4,352/3. Additionally, we are learning to interpret and express remainders as fractions and/or decimals. This all comes on the heels of double digit multiplication so we cannot stress enough the importance of fluency with multiplication/division facts. As always, thank you for encouraging extra study at for that mastery and fluency.

In science, our solar system studies will come to a close and we will begin our Physical Science unit. This unit centers primarily around different forms of energy and the transfers between them. More to come on this exciting (electrifying?!) unit of study! Thank you so much for your support on our solar system projects! The kids had so much fun creating them and learned a lot! Their models slowly return home as they all finish a quick presentation to one another with them.

Enjoying the Holiday's in Language Arts

We've had a lot of exciting things going on in 4th grade. The Secret Elf, the holiday door competition and our class party on December 21st. We just finished writing a compare and contrast paper with a friend about Thanksgiving. It is exciting to see their stamina for writing increasing. In our academic work, we are currently working on a planet brochure comparing and contrasting two planets. We are also beginning a writing unit on narrative writing. We are also working on using reference materials to identify meaning and proper spelling. Homophones are also being taught and worked with. We will be using sensory details, similes and metaphors within the narrative writing pieces. Enjoy this holiday time with your family.

Happy Holidays!

Heather Griggs


This month we are focusing on the Collaborative "C"

Being collaborative means working together for the greater good drawing on each team member's individual strengths toward a shared vision and outcome.

We can see this in many things we do in the classroom: From working in a group together to create a Native American Museum to helping a fellow classmate figure out a math problem to creating a decorated door for the holidays. The more our students are able to work with others, the better prepared they will be for life outside the school walls. Working with people is a necessity in our world.

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