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Russell Broncos - Weekly Activities Update - (9/30/21)

Welcome to The Bucking Chute!

Welcome to The Bucking Chute, the weekly online newsletter for athletic and activity programs at Russell County USD 407. In a rodeo, the moments before the gate on the bucking chute opens can be some of the most suspenseful moments of the entire event. The moments that follow, when the Bronco is turned loose, can provide some of the most exciting moments of the rodeo. We feel the same way about our Russell Broncos. We will send this out weekly as we lead up to the events of the coming week!

USD 407 Adopts KDHE Test-to-Play Protocol

In accordance with KDHE and approved by Russell County Health Department, students who quarantined due to close contact with a positive Covid case may participate in activities under the following stipulations:

1. Students must test daily during the quarantine period. If negative results occur, the student or coach may mask and play during the entirety of the quarantine period.

2. If the student or coach has evidence of Covid positive within the past 6 months, they

may mask and play during the entirety of the quarantine period.

Booster Club Membership Drive

The RHS Booster Club has new leadership, and is accepting membership applications for the 2021-22 school year. Download the file below, or stop by the RHS office to pick up a form! The Broncos can't do what they do without the Booster Club's support!

Bold - Resilient - Open-Minded - Noticeable - Curious - Optimistic - Selfless


RHS Volleyball

A bizarre, yet funny incident at Tuesday's volleyball quad in Phillipsburg showed the Twitter world everything they need to know about the RHS volleyball team. A coach from Phillipsburg was wheeling a Gatorade cooler out of the gym when a volleyball landed on the cooler. Freshman Kelvie Reeves ran over to the coach to grab the volleyball. Somehow, the cooler ran over Kelvie's foot, and spilled ice all over the gym floor. Clean-up didn't take long, though, as nine members of the RHS team, still in uniform, rushed to help the Phillipsburg coach with the mess.

Rick Peterson from the KSHSAA Covered network (@RickieKSHSAA) tweeted the attached photo with the comment "Teamwork is dreamwork. Everyone chipping in to clean up a spilled-cooler mishap at the Phillipsburg quad."

Thank you, Broncos, for going above and beyond to help out an opposing coach.

RHS is Recruiting National Anthem Singers

If you love to sing, and crowds don't bother you, we need to talk! RHS is looking for National Anthem singers for the upcoming sports season. Anybody interested should contact Scott Nuss, USD 407 Activities Director, at


Taylor Betts - RMS Football - Head Coach

My hometown is Hays, KS.

What's Your Day Job (i.e. What do you teach?):

I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade computers at Ruppenthal Middle School. I also am the head coach for Middle School Football, Middle School Boys Basketball, and Middle School Track & Field.

How long have you been in Russell?:

I have lived in Russell for 2 and a half years.

What is something others may not know about you?

I have only had two jobs my entire life. During the summer I still work at my first job and teaching at Russell was my second job. I am not a person who looks for "greener" pastures. I believe in getting things done the correct way where I currently am. Everything in life can be fixed but some people don't want to put the work in to make it happen.

What's the best coaching quote you've ever heard?

A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life - John Wooden

Why do you love coaching?

What I love about coaching relates to my favorite quote. I absolutely love when it finally clicks for a student athlete and they see me as more than as a coach. When they see me as someone who they can come to with any problems they may be having, that is when you know as a coach you are changing that student athlete's life. The sports are fun to coach and is why I started coaching but changing students' lives is awesome to see and feel.

Big picture

REMINDER - Fan Ejection Policy

The Kansas State High School Activities Association is cracking down on poor fan behavior at athletic and activity competitions this season, and Russell is doing the same. KSHSAA has its own set of rules, but lets the local district have the first opportunity to enforce their own rules. So here's what you need to know as we jump into the 2021-22 season...

Fan Ejections: Any member of a Russell crowd, who is ejected from a game (by an official or an administrator) for unsportsmanlike conduct toward an official, or a participant, will face a one-game suspension. To be clear, they will not be able to attend the next game, whether it's at home or on the road.

Additionally, any member of a Russell crowd, who prompts an "If I hear one more word, that person will need to leave" scenario, from an official or an administrator, will be removed from that contest as a proactive measure. Quite simply, there is no reason for this behavior to reach that point.

A new KSHSAA rule offers a similar consequence.
"Any participant (player, coach, spectator) who is ejected for making contact with an official, or who is ejected for unsporting behavior directed toward an official, shall be subject to a non-appealable suspension from the next contest at that level, and for all contests at any level (in that activity) until the suspension has been served. Local school leadership may levy additional sanctions as they deem appropriate

It's very simple...please let the officials do their jobs, and leave them alone. KSHSAA has lost more than 500 officials across the state in the last year. We need to take care of the officials who work our contests.

Recent Game Highlights

Upcoming Events

RMS Volleyball vs. Plainville

Thursday, Sep. 30th, 4:30pm

400 North Elm Street

Russell, KS

Order of Play: B-C-A

RMS Football vs. Plainville

Thursday, Sep. 30th, 6pm

565 State Street

Russell, KS

RHS V/JV Volleyball at St. John/Ellsworth

Thursday, Sep. 30th, 5pm

201-299 East 5th Avenue

Saint John, KS

Order of Play

St. John JV vs. Russell JV (4:00)

St. John (V) vs. Russell (V)

Russell JV vs. Ellsworth JV

Russell (V) vs. Ellsworth (V)

St. John JV vs. Ellsworth JV

St. John (V) vs. Ellsworth (V)

(JV Matches will be 25 minute running clock w/ free substitution)

RHS Football at Scott City

Friday, Oct. 1st, 7pm

O.L. Darner Field, Scott City, KS, USA

Scott City, KS

RMS Volleyball at Larned Tournament

Saturday, Oct. 2nd, 9pm

904 Corse Avenue

Larned, KS

Event Schedule

10:00 - Russell A vs. Larned A (LMS North Court)

10:00 - Russell B vs. Larned B (LMS South Court)

10:00 - Russell C vs. Larned 8C (LHS Gym)

11:00 - Russell A vs. TMP A (LMS North Court)

11:00 - Russell B vs. TMP B (LMS South Court)
11:00 - Russell C vs. Larned 7C (LHS Gym)

RHS Girls' Golf at TMP-Marian

Monday, Oct. 4th, 1pm

3303 Hall Street

Hays, KS

RHS JV Football at Ellsworth

Monday, Oct. 4th, 5pm

211 West 11th Street

Ellsworth, KS

RHS JV/V Volleyball vs. Lyons/Hoisington (Senior Day)

Tuesday, Oct. 5th, 5pm

565 State Street

Russell, KS

Order of Play (JV on West Court, Varsity on East Court)

Russell vs. Hoisington (5:00 p.m.)

Hoisington vs. Lyons

**RHS Senior Recognition**

Russell vs. Lyons