Sfari Island

by Haley Emily and Gina

Sfari Island by Haley Emily and Gina

Welcome to Sfari Island. Sfari is a Island near Hawii. It is a fun place to be at.

Srari Island is a active place to be at. We have food such as- coconuts,mangos,gwavas,pupieaus,fish,crab,shrimp,jack fruts,apples, bnanas,pears,peaches,watermelons,ovocotous and lobser.

We also have some stuff to do there such as-par flying, par sailing,Resorts with hotles,water parks and an R cade. Are resorts all so involve malls, ships and a ocean.

We have amazing animals such as-dophins,seals,lizards,tamed snakes,crabs,shrimp,fish,whales,sharks in the ocean,colorfull birds,snails,monkeys,chetas,tigers,leamers,tree frogs,pandas and frogs.

We have some veary uneake such as -Roses,sun flowers,orcids,snap dragons,tulups,daisys and pour snips.

So that is our Island it is a veary beutifull place to be at the things at our stores are not exspensive at all. Are Island is a cultrual place to be at. Hope you come and injoy the fun!!!!!!!

Humunga Kowabunga, Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World, (HD 1080p)

Emily,Haley and Gina