JKMP Educational Apps present...

The Study Ref

Who are we?

We are an educational app-creating company and are happy to present our new app the Study Ref.

Our app:

The Study Ref

The Ultimate Resource for every day Learning.

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Screen shots of our app:

Quality of the app:

This is a great app with great value. Many of our customers have enjoyed it and have told us that they would recommend this product to anyone else. We also have many great features in this app such as the curriculum information, quizzes/tests, a study page and much more. We even provide a 1 year warranty for the app. This is surely the ultimate package. But, this isn't it we’re giving this app for a great price at $ 0.99. Why wouldn't you buy this app it has all the needs that can satisfy you. It’s an affordable app; it has a 1 year warranty and has many cool features. Now let’s hear what our customer’s say about it. Peter says “I really like this educational app. I think it is beneficial for me and my fellow peers? It's also a really good resource for teachers, parents and of course us students. This app will help the next generation continue success through academics. I would rate it 5 out of 5!”

Great Technology

We all know that without the technology we have right now, we wouldn't be like this. The technology that has emerged in the 21st Century is amazing and we are also emerging with it. We are providing great up to beat technology features such as accurate formulas, weight conversions and more on the app. This app can also be used on your phones and other portable devices (tablets, iPods, etc…).

Info about the app!

Our app is helpful for all types of people like teachers, parents and of course students. They help teachers with study references for their students, it helps the parents improve their children’s learning and it helps the students to learn. Since, our app is an educational app we will provide educational subjects like mathematics, language, science, history and geography. Remember this is a Grade 7 curriculum-based app.

Features about the app:

We have created this app by finding online quizzes/tests for you, materials to enhance your learning and much, much more. We have all used this to create this app which will help you to develop your learning. Our company is JKMP and our app’s name is “The Study Ref.” It is called this app because of the study materials used to improve your learning and since it is a reference (ref) also known as a guide. So, to clarify it’s a study guide.

If you have any questions please contact us at jkmpot7@gmail.com