Keeping Up With The Kennedy

December 8, 2019- Issue 13

Mallet Madness

Students have been working hard to prepare for our winter concert coming up on January 15th! To take a break from our challenging Disney song, students spent Monday's class preparing and then performing songs on the xylophone (and one cello!) that included at least one repeated pattern. Students cheered each other on as audience members during their teammates' performances, and tried to identify the patterns created by each performer. I was incredibly impressed by their creativity and confidence in performance. One student even wrote a short story by spelling out words using letters of the musical alphabet!

Upcoming Events

December 9 Mallet Madness

December 10 Robotics

December 11 Mini Athletes

December 12 ELL Parent Meeting 3:30


Play Rehearsal

December 13

Play Rehearsal

Ad Hoc School Calendar Advisory Committee

The School Committee has established a subcommittee tasked with determining what calendar configuration best serves the educational needs of our students. The subcommittee will comprise parents, teachers, administrators and staff. Committee members will research how other districts handle their calendars, help with survey design and response review, assist with forums, and report findings to the School Committee We are looking for a parent representative from each of the district's schools. If you would like to volunteer to serve on the committee, please email Maureen Moran at If we receive multiple volunteers from an individual school, a drawing will be held on Thursday, Dec. 19, prior to the School Committee meeting, to select that school's representative.

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