Shamiya bryant, Arbon muhametaj




0.86 equal to one us dollar



time zone

One hour ahead of the us

vaccinations needed

The (mmr) measles, mumps, rubella

Hepatitis a and cdc recommendation


The smart travel enrollment program is a free service to allow us citizens and national traveling broad to enroll there trip with the nearest us embassy or consulate

benifits of enrolling in step

-receive important information from the embassy about safety conditions in your destination country helping you make informed decisions about your travel plans

-help the us embassy contact you in emergency where natural disaster, civil owned, or family

-help family and friends get in touch with you and an emergency

where to apply for a passaport

Two places to apply for a passport, apply in person at department of state passport agency

And apply in person at a passport acceptance agency


Adult passport booking card the application fee is $140 the execution fee is $25

The adult passport book application fee $110 execution fee is $25

Adult passport card application fee is $30 execution fee $25

Minor passport book & card application fee $95

Execution fee $25

Minor passport book application $80

Execution fee $25

travel reservations

airline and flight number

-flight 1670 departure time 12:00pm from dfw-arrive at 3:42pm in Jamaica

-return flight flight 1675 departure time 11:40am from Jamaica arrive in dfw 3:37pm

American airlines to and from


-There is a casino :free to go in

-first class spa and wellness center :depends on treatment being given

-multiple pools and Jacuzzi :free

Lodging reservations

-Grand palladium

-Montego bay Jamaica


-003057740040:contact number

-1 room is $195

Total cost

-Ticket cost round trip:$727

-resort cost:$585

-adult room:$195

No food cost or souvenirs

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