Physical Therapist

BY:Mallory Ruechel

What do physical therapists do?

Physical therapists don't just sit and write down your problems. A physical therapist helps people that had or have a broken bone in their body and they need to get it working properly again. They will give them exercises to do. If they are having problems with their muscles and they are tight, therapists will need to stretch them out. They will also give them cream or medicine to put on their sore muscles or where the pain is. It also depends on where it aches or where the pain is for the type of treatment.

This is a physical therapist helping a person with their knee.

This is a physical therapist rubbing a person's leg where it aches.

Why choose a physical therapist?

I want to be a physical therapist because I want to help people recover from their injuries. I participate in sports and know what is good for the body. It would be fun to help people so they can get back into sports or with their life and not be in so much pain.

What experience/skills is needed?

You need to be good with helping people. Good with pain and know when to stop and when to keep going. Responsible for what you tell the patient to do. Make sure the patient does not to hurt himself anymore than they already have.

These are all physical therapist helping people.

What education is needed to obtain this career?

Degree from an accredited physical therapy program. Masters degree in physical therapy. 3-4 years of college.

This is a girl getting her master degree in physical therapy.

What branch of science does most of this career falls under and why?

Life: the study of the mechanical, physical of living things. It is physiology because we are talking about the human body and how it moves and works. You are also helping people.

This is a picture of the bones and muscles and nerves working in your body.

What is something you found interesting about the career?

What I find interesting about physical therapists is that you get to know how the body works and moves. You also get to know all your muscles, nerves and bones. It is also interesting because you get to help people get to know their body too. Like some of the muscles and bones. I just think that this would be a cool job to do because I once had to go to physical therapy and it was a hard time find room because there was not a lot of people that did this job. so I think it would be cool getting a job like this. I also think that this job is interesting because you never know what people need help with.

This is what i think is interesting about physical therapist helping people.