Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City

My city is located in the United States

It is in the state of Illinois. They are currently in the season of Spring

Highs and Lows

The highest temp in the week of February 23-March 1 was 32°F. The lowest temp. was 0°F. The highest wind was 15mph and the lowest was 5mph. The highest amount of precipitation was .08 inches of snow. The humidity was at its highest on Sunday with 76% and the lowest was in Monday with 47%.



Spots to Visit

The Willis/Sears Tower- the Sears Tower just got it's name changed to the Willis tower a couple of years ago. They have a little section made of thick glass and other material that hangs off the 103 story building called "The Ledge."

The Bean- The Bean is made of a reflective metal and because it reflects the Sun it looks different every day and rarely looks the same twice.

Millennium Park- Many shows and concerts are hosted at Millennium Park. It has practically a field for people to come and have picnic on a weekend or during Spring time.

Contact Person

My contact person was my grandma. She said the weather was always cold and below freezing. She has lived in Chicago since she was sixteen. My predicted temperatures were actually very close and about two were right on to the actual temperatures.