SAS 5th Grade News January 17

Where faith and learning grow hand-in-hand.

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The Catholic Christian Community of St. Anthony of Padua welcomes all to our celebration of God's love. Through prayer, education, sacraments, caring and stewardship, we strive to serve the needs of God's people and to gain a richer understanding of the gospel message of love.

Uniform Reminders

No nail polish please.

No boots please.

White socks only please.

Students may not wear a sweatshirt to Mass on Friday mornings, even if they remove it in church. Please wear a sweater or brave the cold until we return from Mass.

In the Classroom This Week:


Students are completing the Unit 2 review from their book today. They will take the test tomorrow. It will be an open book/notes test, but students are responsible of knowing the material.

Students will take the ACRE Religion test tomorrow. There is no preparation for this test. It shows what the students have learned in Religion during their time in St. Anthony's. We look forward to receiving the student feedback this Spring. This test is not for a grade, nor do they need to study or prepare for it in any way. It is simply a Diocesan benchmark for Catholic School students.

Language Arts

This week students will be completing their creative writing pamphlet. They have been writing and illustrating a story about an event or experience they had over the Christmas break. Students should be implementing all of the writing conventions they have learned thus far.

Students are beginning Unit 9 in their Vocabulary Workbook this week. Students will take Unit 9 Vocab Test on Friday.


Students are continuing Chapter 8 this week, with preparation for the Chapter Test Friday. Students have been working on writing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division expressions and completing the tables. Students will take a practice test Thursday to see what they know and are encouraged to review the problems that they miss.


In Science, students will be able to identify the structural formula of a molecule. This will be our last lesson before we complete the study guide for the next assessment. The next unit assessment will take place on Jan, 23rd.

Social Studies

Students are looking at the Middle Colonies of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We will be discussing the important developments that took place in the Middle Colonies. We will be reading about Benjamin Franklin and what he did to help declare independence for the United States.


Schedule Reminders

Homework Club will resume Wednesday, January 24 in Room 5 from 3:00 - 3:30.

5A Hot Lunch: January 18 (each student needs to bring 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies to school)
Oral Spelling Bee: January 19
Catholic Schools Week: January 28- February 3:
Wednesday, 1/31: Talent Show
Thursday, 2/1: Reading Day
Friday, 2/2: Father-Daughter Dance

San Jose Tech Museum- Friday February 23

More details to come.

If you have questions please contact your homeroom teacher.

Please bring an empty shoe box by Friday 1/26.

We will be decorating the shoe box for our Valentine's Day party. Students may bring any supplies they would like to decorate their box.