by: steele donahoe


In the book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry the main character, Jonas, was living in a very unusual world where everything had to be a certain way. Jonas wanted to see the life out of the one way he had been living in but he wasn’t allowed cross certain boundaries to out of his community. Within the book and the movie there were several differences and similarities. All of the differences and similarities that the author included both made big effects on why they were included.

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sometimes the memories you make can be a key to success later in your life


light blue eyes

light blue eyes

Light blue eyes represents the special bond that Jonas and the giver will have. it is something that you are born with and means you are destined to be the receiver because of the special bond you will share with the giver. Also, Gabe has light blue eyes and they have a very special bond that they share. That also tells us that he will be the next receiver of memories




Jonas is the main character of The Giver and is a very unique person. He was born with a unique “light eye color” that later made him the receiver of memories and gave him the ability to have a special connection with The Giver and Gabe. When he first got the job of being the receiver, he got quite frustrated because he wanted to hang out with friends and do things that other twelve year olds would do. After a while he got used to it and loved his job though! Also, when the giver is giving him a memory he is very curious and wants to know more details and wants to receive even more memories

Body paragraph 1:similarities

There are many similarities in the book, The Giver, and the movie. One of the biggest similarities is the baby Gabe. He is used to show the next generation that will become the receiver of memories. He expresses the touch of love when Jonas touched him and how he could feel the resemblance

Body paragraph 2: differences

There is a lot of differences also, in the book and movie.