Hudson Hawk Band Updates

Week of 4/4/2022

Sectional Changes

Wind Symphony sectionals leading up to UIL will be changed as follows:

Monday, April 4/11/18 from 4:15-5:15pm - ALL BRASS

Tuesday, April 5/12/19 from 4:15-5:15pm - ALL WOODWINDS

Honors Band sectionals leading up to UIL will be changed as follows:

Tuesday, April 5/12/19 from 4:15-5:00pm - ALL FLUTES & CLARINETS

Wednesday, April 6/13/20 from 8:00-8:45am - ALL BRASS & SAXOPHONES & BASSOON

Booster Club Meeting

Monday, April 11th, 7pm

4405 Hudson Drive

Sachse, TX

We will be meeting to discuss end of year events, the spring trip, make plans for summer band, as well as start the process of nominating parents to fill open board positions. We are looking for 2 parents to fill the positions of VP of Hospitality and Secretary due to our graduating 8th grade parents. Please consider stepping in to fill one of these roles for next year. It is a great way to be involved, meet new band parents, and help support our band program!

HB & WS UIL Evaluations

Wednesday, April 20th, 8am to Thursday, April 21st, 8pm

310 South Garland Avenue

Garland, TX

The Honors Band and Wind Symphony will perform for their UIL Evaluations on April 20 & 21 respectively, at Garland High School. The performance schedule should be released later this week and will be shared as soon as we have that information. These performances are typically during the day. If you have a flexible job or are looking for a reason to take a day off, please consider joining us for those performances! We always perform better for a large audience, especially at such an intense contest. We hope to see you there!!


Middle school is a very popular time for orthodontics, as many of you already know. While playing an instrument with braces is very common and doesn't usually pose any problems, it does take time to adjust to. If your student will be getting braces on or off this year and there is ANY way you can schedule around our big contests, we would be very grateful for the consideration.

For Honors Band and Wind Symphony students, please avoid big orthodontic changes from now until April 21. For Beginner Band students please avoid changes from now until May 7. We know this is not always possible, but if there is any way to schedule around these dates we would greatly appreciate it!

Future Sachse Band Students

For our 8th grade students continuing in band next year, specifically at Sachse HS, please make sure you take a look at their band website for upcoming events, registration, parent meetings, and summer/fall rehearsals and competitions.

On April 28, there will be a spring 8th grade night for future Mustang Band members from 4:30-7pm at SHS.

Spring 50 Day Practice Challenge

We started another 50 day practice challenge after spring break. The challenge runs from March 21-May 22 and will end with a movie reward for students who complete 50 days of practice (at least 20 minutes) over the course of those days. The physical paper will be due no later than May 25 and must include a parent signature in order for a student to earn the movie reward. We do not know which movie we will be watching yet, but will let you know once we have made that decision.

Help Us Recruit New Students

Do you know any current 5th graders who are coming to Hudson next year?! If so, please share our BAND WEBSITE with them and have them sign up for one of our upcoming instrument fitting drives (on April 30, May 2, or May 5) so we can help them pick an instrument.

Our best recruiters are current and former band parents and students. Your positive words and posts about our program go a long way in helping families choose to join our band. We thank you in advance for your help!

Beginner Solo & Ensemble Contest

Saturday, May 7th, 8am-3pm

4500 Skyline Drive

Rowlett, TX

All academically eligible Beginner Band students will perform their solo for a judge at this contest. This is a required performance (test grade) and is an important part of our curriculum and TEKS for the school year. The performance will take approximately 45 minutes and students will need to dress up for their performance. A portion of their score is based on presentation, so the fancier the outfit, the better!

This performance is also one of the requirements to attend the spring trip to Pinstack. Transportation is NOT provided, so please make plans now to get to and from Coyle Middle School on this date.

Spring Trip Payments PAST DUE

Final payments for the spring trip were due Friday, March 25. You can check your student's Charms account (using the info provided below to log in) to see what is still owed and even make payments electronically. Thank you for taking care of this so we can make our payment to the festival company on time. We will be sending paper copies of statements home with students who have balances this week.

What Should We Be Practicing?

Practicing should happen daily to help build coordination and muscle memory and retain progress. Students should practice sitting in a real chair (preferably one that doesn't roll/spin), using a music stand, with a metronome. Please make sure woodwind players are properly swabbing out their instrument at the end of every practice session to keep their instruments clean!

Beginner Band:

Rhythm Rockers units 1-7, Musical Mastery warm-up exercises, pages 12-15 in Sound Innovations, Double Reeds units 10-12 in Boot Camp book, SCALES!!! We have started Scale Masters and will award a trophy to the first student in each class who passes off all of their scales, Solos, audition music

Symphonic Band: Longtones 1A, Concert Bb, F Ab, Eb, Db scales, rhythm chart 1-8, concert music, audition music

Honors Band: Longtones 1A, Set 1 Opt.1, Set 1 Opt. 4, Concert Bb, Eb, F, and Ab scales, rhythm charts 7-10, UIL songs, audition music

Wind Symphony: Long tones, lip slurs, scales (ALL - including chromatic), all rhythm charts, UIL tunes, technical exercises in Bb, Eb, Ab, and F

Reminders from Previous Updates

ALL Smores In One Place

If you would like to bookmark the link below, I will be adding the weekly Smores to this page so you can reference every week when you need to without digging through old emails. You can also find the Smores on the band website and on your students' Canvas page for band.

ALL Hawk Band Updates

All-Region Performance Recordings

If your student performed with the TMEA Region 3 All-Region Bands back in January, the recordings from those concerts are now available. You can find the recordings at this link. This is a zipped file, so if you have any trouble accessing the recordings, please let me know and I will find another way to share them with you.

Band Fee Payments

Please take a moment this week to login to your student's Charms account. Make sure to login as a Parent/Student/Member. You will need to use hudsonsoundmachine as the school code. Student passwords should be either just the 6-digit ID number (for first time logins), sID# (that students are used to), capitalized first and last initials plus ID# (HB123456), or something different you or your student has chosen. If you need help resetting a password, please let me know. When you ask for a password to be reset, I will change it to CAPITALIZED first and last initial followed by student ID# (ex. HB123456).

After logging in, you can see payments due in the financial tab, make changes to personal information, see uniform parts that have been checked out, school-owned instrument information, and more.

Spring Band fees are now past due. Please make every effort to take care of this payment ASAP. If you have a financial hardship, please communicate that with us so we can help!

Using the Charms System for Band

Instrument Usage Fees in Skyward

If your student plays a school-owned instrument (oboe, bassoon, tenor/bari sax, French horn, euphonium, tuba, percussion, and select others), their district school-owned instrument usage fee is reflected in their Skyward account now.

We have had to send many instruments to the repair shop this year and this fee helps pay for those repairs and regular maintenance. Please help make sure we can continue repairing instruments as needed by submitting this district fee. These directions to submit an online payment in Skyward should help you with completing that payment. Please let Mrs. Becker know if you have questions.

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