Work At Home Scams

By Katie Rusconi

What it is

A work at home scheme is where a criminal posts an ad claiming that you can make a lot of money by working at home, however before you get started you must first pay them for certificates and licenses or worst case scenario ask for your personal information using the credibility of an employer to fool you. After they get what they need, they take off with the money or personal information that they extracted from you.
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- Investing hundreds of dollars in setting up for the job

- Getting counterfeit checks from your "boss"

- Getting hired for a job as a "distributor". The company sends you your inventories and materials that are cheap and fake.

- Not knowing that you are involved in criminal activity such as identity theft and counterfeit

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How to prevent it

- Research the job before you take it

- Have the Better Business Bureau check to see if your "job" is real and not a work at home scam

- Learn everything there is to know about the job before you take it

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Although it may seem like you will earn a lot of money from these jobs, they are dangerous and will scam all of your money away from you. If you get an offer for a work at home job, research it before you take it.