A Foreign Exchange Adventure

Enjoy Nicaragua's cuisine!

Rice, corn, and beans are an important part of the Nicaraguan diet. They also eat tropical fruits, a dish consisting of meat, vegetables, and plantains called baho, and milk/coconut-based desserts.

Celebrate Nicaraguan holidays!

Independence Day, Fiesta de San Sebastian, Liberation Day, among others will give you those not-quite-long-enough breaks from exhausting school work!

Sights to See

The Nicaraguan Climate

Nicaragua has a tropical climate. Rainfall varies from 75 to 150 inches, with more rain falling in the east than the west. Temperatures are typically just below 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Nicaragua's Economy

Nicaragua is poor compared to the rest of Central America. It recently underwent a civil war and the United States has placed a trade embargo on the country. About half of the country's people work in agriculture.

What's Wrong With the Place

Poverty runs rampant in Nicaragua. Most of the people living in rural areas survive on less than a dollar per day. Some end up emigrating to wealthier countries, seeking a higher quality of life.

Compatibility with the United States

Due to its weak economy, tropical climate, and non-diverse cuisine, Nicaragua receives a low C- compatibility score.