Bess Brannen Technology Updates

August 28, 2015 Update

Well our week has been eventful to say the least! But we survived!

A few updates:

Teacher Webpages - Our after school day was rained out so if you'd like to stay next Monday, August 31, 2015 after school to work on your webpage,come to the library!

iPads - There is an issue with the Apple configurator that puts apps on your iPad. Technology is working the kinks out of the new update. They have asked that we not load or remove any apps at this time. I will check on the status again next week, but as of right now I can not do anything with your iPads. As soon as we get the go ahead I will get started.

Google Images - Please know that GOOGLE Images is open to teachers, it is blocked to students. BE CAREFUL because the images are not blocked! It's a good idea to view the images before you show them on the projector. You may get an eyeful!!

Images are blocked to students for this reason.

Projectors - Do not leave your projectors on when you are not using them. If you are not going to be showing something to your students immediately, keep it off or if it is within about 2-3 minutes - blank the screen.

Leaving it on runs the bulb out - replacement cost for bulbs is about $250.00 EACH and it comes from campus budget, so the more of those we replace, the less money for other things.

August 23, 2015 Update

Plickers - Here is the link to Plickers.

Teacher Website Help - I will stay after school on Tuesday, August 25 for anyone who wants help with their teacher website. Please come to the library after school.

Back to School - August 17,2015

  1. Technology Equipment (Document cameras, Mimio Teach & Mimio Pads)
    Considered campus equipment
    Have all been cataloged and checked out to teachers
    You may pick yours up off the shelf in the front of the library
    If you are in need of equipment please see me

  2. iPads
    Student iPads will be checked out to classroom teachers.
    Please have a finalized list of grade level apps to me by Friday, Aug. 21
    If you were at the Brannen Tech Day - please make sure you bring your grade level up to speed

  3. Chromebooks
    Student accounts
    <1st initial><last name><last 3 digits of student ID>
    Student passwords - 5 digit student number
    Students should always log in using their picture or their log in
    Do not use Guest log in
    NEVER log in as yourself and hand the Chromebook to a student.
    Please leave your Chromebook carts in the library and I will get the student pictures on the Chromebooks the first week of library

  4. Technology Help - ask the HELPDESK
    Log a call !! Log a call!! Log a call!! (Do not email techs)
    Either call x39100 or go to the Help Desk on the bConnect page.
    Must include your room #
    The more information the better
    Do not respond to the closing email - it reopens the ticket
    Complete the Survey - Technology uses it to improve performance

  5. Phones
    All instructions for logging into phones on Technology b*connect page under Cisco Phones
    Phones are registered to a room not a person - do not move them

  6. Eduphoria
    Profile must be updated yearly. Must be accurate.

  7. Digital Citizenship
    Must be taught yearly due to HB5 Scorecard and funding
    Will be taught by the LMS during library in Sept. & Oct.

  8. Social Media
    All grade level leaders and Mandy are now editors on our Facebook page so everyone can share great things that are happening at Brannen. We will meet later to share how to post.
    We also have Instagram, and Twitter. If you school Tweet, please share your twitter handle with me
    Brannen Library Cheat Sheet

  9. Brannen AR and STAR Quick Tips