Tour Of Africa

By: Ella hall

Mount Kilimanjaro

Have you been itching to get out of the house and out into nature? Well then Mount Kilimanjaro is perfect for you! There are many different hikes to do and if your up for the challenge, you can even climb to the top of one of the two peaks that Mount Kilimanjaro rises in. The first peak is 19,340 feet and the other, 17,564 feet. While climbing this fascinating peak, you might encounter the coffee and plantains that grow from the lower slopes. Hope you have fun on your trip!
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Congo River

The Congo River is the perfect place to go if your a person who is stressed, frustrated with the troubles of life, or maybe just want some time to lay back and relax. While visiting the Congo river you can take an expedition all the way across the river, which stretches 2720 miles. Among the river, there are many islands and sandbars, maybe you can stop and get a tan at one of them. Hope you have fun, make sure you take some time to sit back and relax.
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Kalahari desert

Are you an animal lover? If the answer was yes, the safari across the Kalahari desert is the perfect vacation for you. The Kalahari desert covers 100,000 miles and contains many different species of animals. The desert lays between two rivers, the Orange river and the Zambezi river. The desert is the perfect place to achieve all of your dreams!
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Serengeti plain

The Serengeti plain is best known for the national park that lays within it. In this nation park, a tourist (like you) can see over 500 different species of animals. Activities range from watching the great migration to witnessing rhinos splash around in the Retino Hippo. Even though most people only think of the national park when they think of the Serengeti plain, there is way more land then most see. The land is very large and the altitudes range from 3000-6000 feet.
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