Health & Wellness

March 17th, 2022

D6 Staff

I hope all of you have enjoyed this warmer weather as much as I have! Let's hope it continues on into the weekend. As we move away from COVID mitigations, and with masks being optional, the district will supply disposable masks while supplies last. Currently, we have no adult masks left other than what has already been distributed to the buildings and we have enough children masks to get us through the school year. There are plenty of cloth masks available for buildings who would like some of those.
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Random Knowledge

The bristled toothbrush originated in China around the year 1498. The bristles, fixed to a bamboo or bone handle, were neck hairs from Siberian boars. Prior to the bristle toothbrush, chew sticks were used to clean teeth. A chew stick was a twig with a frayed end that could be used to brush the teeth. There is evidence of Chinese chew sticks made from from twigs from fragrant plants and trees as a way of improving the breath while getting the teeth clean.

Laffy Taffy Corner

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Cheri Sinkovec BSN RN

District Nurse Administrator