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PVMS 7th Grade Band News

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! This school year promises to be one filled with great music and memories at Prairie View and we are glad you are here! Please take a moment to look over this newsletter as it will provide you with some important information about band at Prairie View.

Open House

It was fantastic to see so many of you at open house! If you were unable to attend, the packet of information that was handed out is attached to the bottom of this newsletter. I also sent one home with all students on Friday.

What do I need for band this year?

1. Your band instrument in good playing condition. You may be renting already from Ward Brodt, own an instrument or using a school instrument. The key is to make sure it is working properly!

2. A pencil - keep one in band folder or instrument case.

3. A Lesson Book "Standard of Excellence" Book 2 for wind players. Percussionists will use "Alfred Snare Drum Book" and the "Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion" book.

4. Band Black Dress Shirt - Black Pants, Black Socks, Black Shoes. If you still have your shirt from last year, you should be good to go! If you need a different size, please contact Mrs. Gleason.

6. Woodwind musicians make sure you have a box of good reeds to start the year.

7. Brass players should have valve oil and slide grease.

8. Percussionists should make sure they have all of the necessary mallets and sticks needed for this year. Consult the Percussion Equipment Chart for more information. Make sure your sticks/mallets and clearly labeled with your name and keep them in a stick bag.

7th Grade Method Book

7th grade band woodwind and brass students will need the Standard of Excellence Book 2 for their instrument. Go to wardbrodt.com and then search "Standard of Excellence Book 2 (your child's instrument), for example "Standard of Excellence Book 2 Tuba". This should read exactly the same as their red book, except for Book 2. You can request to have the book delivered to Prairie View in the customer notes field of the order form. To be safe, place your order by Thursday morning for Friday delivery. You can also place an order by filling out the Ward Brodt order form attached to the bottom of this newsletter. Bring the completed order form and check to Mrs. Gleason.

7th grade Band Lessons Start Monday!

7th grade band lessons will start on Monday, Sept. 9. Lessons are where we teach and learn individual instrument curriculums and technique and where much of our assessment takes place. Students will have one lesson per week and will be coming out of Resource or Band for their lesson. Students who have their lesson out of resource should check out with their resource teacher and then report directly to the band room. Students will remain in the band room for the remainder of the period.

You can find the lesson schedule here. Students will either have a lesson the FIRST A or B day of the week (M/T) or the SECOND A or B day of the week (W/Th). Each student was given a reminder pass on Friday.

Lesson attendance is an expectation for all band students. If a student needs to miss their band lesson please communicate the absence with Mrs. Gleason so a make up time can be arranged.


New research has shown that "talent" really is myelination (the wrapping of neural circuits increasing signal strength, speed, and accuracy). "If you fire your skill circuits the right way- by trying hard to do things you can barely do, in deep practice - then your skill circuits will respond by getting faster and more fluent." - The Talent Code p 45 by Daniel Coyle

Practice is essential in the growth and development of every musician (student, athlete, etc). It takes repetition in order to build skills and knowledge. Consequently, it takes great discipline to practice consistently and routinely. However, the rewards are great for not only the individual, but also the entire group.

The practice grade will be determined by averaging the student’s self-assessment of their practice and progress and the teacher’s assessment of their practice. Practice is more than just “time” playing the instrument. Good practice means concentration and focus rather than just going through the motions. Consequently, the grade will take into account their success in completing the lesson assignments AND the time the put in. We recommend that students practice on average 4 to 5 days a week (20-25 minutes per day). Again, this is just as average!! More is better, but only if it is SMART, DEEP practice.

Band Lesson Academy

The Band Lesson Academy is sponsored by the Sun Prairie Band Boosters. The Lesson Academy was created to provide convenient access to quality private instrument instruction for students in the Sun Prairie Band Program. The program is designed to give 6th and 7th grade students access to one-on-one instruction on their instrument with professional musicians/teachers that specialize on specific instruments. Students will focus on fundamental skills that are particular to his or her instrument. Instructors provide individualized assignments and instruction specific to the student’s particular abilities. The benefits of private instrument instruction include: accelerated study of instrument technique and repertoire, preparation of audition materials, or study of subjects of particular interested (e.g. solo literature or improvisation). Private study is a powerful tool in supporting musical growth in students. This program is organized by the Sun Prairie Band Boosters as a service to band students in Sun Prairie Schools.

We will have flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba and percussion lessons at Prairie View. There are openings for all other instruments available at Cardinal Heights and Patrick Marsh on the same website, so we will not be offering those instruments at this time.

In a nutshell, parents can;

  1. Register their student using the form at this link.
  2. You will then make contact with the private teacher (contact info found here) to schedule your child's actual lesson time. Lessons can be either 20 or 30 minute lessons.
  3. Using the link above, you can find information on dates, cost and our PayPal system. Our Band Boosters will be covering the processing costs for Paypal.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this opportunity for your student!

Sun Prairie Middle Level Honors Band

The SPMS Honors Band is a wonderful opportunity for your young musician. The honors band is a one day event taking place at Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School on Saturday, November 16th from 8:30 am-8 pm Students need to complete a recorded audition to be considered for the honors band. Honor Band Information and audition requirements can be found on the SPBB.org website or by clicking HERE. Audition recordings are due October 16th. Mr. Quaglieri and Mrs. Gleason will help interested students get ready for the audition.

Our Philosophy

We believe that an education in music and the arts is vitally important to all children. Students in band will not only learn the skill needed to perform an instrument, but they will also learn about life through music and their feelings/ideas/concepts about it. We believe in educating in this comprehensive approach. Students will be assessed based on the standards below. The goal is to have the students become self-directed, self-assessing, life-long learners who value the sense of being part of something larger than themselves. We will work with students to set goals, gather evidence of growth, evaluate the data, and formulate a plan for continued progress. We will work hard to help your child to achieve success in learning through band.

Sun Prairie Band Mission Statement: “Move beyond the notes to cultivate a life long passion and drive for creativity, curiosity, and community through a vision of students as accomplished learners and evolving musicians in pursuit of artistry

Our Curriculum

Content Standards

1. Instrumental Skills -Demonstrates appropriate skills and techniques (individual/lessons)

2. Ensemble Skills - Demonstrates appropriate skills and techniques (group/ensemble)

3. Composition - Demonstrates Imagination, Creativity, Composition, Improvisation, & Innovation.

4. Literacy – Read and notate music

5. Analysis and Evaluation - Respond to music through analysis and evaluation

6. Connections - Demonstrate connections between art, cultures, history, community, and self.

Conduct Standards

1. Personal Responsibility - Lesson attendance and materials

2. Work Habits and Productivity- Practice and effort

3. Collaboration and Personal Integrity-Attends required performances

Concert Attendance Policy

Concerts are an extension of the band classroom and the learning that takes place every day. Music was created to be shared and not performed in isolation (or in the band room only). For this reason, we need to perform for an audience in order to share the wealth of learning that has taken place. This sharing helps the students to bring closure to the learning process and also propels them towards the next step in the journey. Student participation in concerts is vital to the success of all the students involved. Please make every effort to have your child be a part of these experiences. Sporting events/practices and other extracurricular activities are not acceptable reasons to miss a performance. We are happy to talk to coaches & organization leaders to help navigate scheduling concerns as long as we have prior notice. If you have a reason to miss any performance, please contact your teacher as soon as possible prior to the concert date. The performance calendar is attached to the bottom of this newsletter

Find Us Online!

The Sun Prairie Band Boosters have a FANTASTIC website that contains information about all things related to band in Sun Prairie. You can find the site by visiting www.spbb.org/pvms or by searching for “Sun Prairie Band Boosters.”

You can also "like" us on Facebook (Sun Prairie Bands), follow us on Twitter (@SPBands), and follow us on instagram (PVMSBand) for even more news and updates throughout the year!

Upcoming Dates

September 20 7th Grade performance at the Fun Run Assembly

October 8 Fall Band Concert at PVMS

October 16 Band Lesson Academy Begins


If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us:

Erin Gleason



Matt Quaglieri



Prairie View Middle School Bands

“Move beyond the notes to cultivate a life long passion and drive for creativity, curiosity, and community through a vision of students as accomplished learners and evolving musicians in pursuit of artistry