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Julius Caesar's Birthday and Assasination

Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 B.C. in Rome.  Then, on March 15, 44 B.C., he was assasinated in the theater of Pompey.  it was a dreadful day because he was what made Rome strong and powerful.

Three of Julius Caesar's Wives

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Julius Caesar's Life.

Julius Caesar was a Roman general, statesman, counsul, and a noteable author of latin prose.  He played a critical role in events that led to demise of the Roman republicand the rise of the Roman empire.  Julius Caesar did what was best for his Roman people, but was very cruel to the people that he conquered.  He fought in many wars.  When he was sixteen years old, his father, Gaius Caesar, died.  Then his mother, Aureila, was all that he had left.  His wife's name was Cornelia.  One day, her father forced Caesar to divorce her, or risk losing his home.  But Caesar refused.  Then he escaped to the military.  He ended up serving first in the province of Asia and then in Cilcia.  He was miserable when his wife died in 69 B.C.  Then, two years later, he remarried one of his close relatives named Pompeia.  They divorced a few years later in 62 B.C.  Later, he became the wealthiest man in Roman history!!!  He was so powerful, he always got his way.  He ruled over many places.  Sometimes, he waited until his enemies water supply went away, and then he would have the remaining survivors be cut off.  Caesar went to war against Pompey, leading troops across the river called Rubicon on January 10, 49 B.C.  But Pompey was no match for Caesar!  By the end of 48 B.C., he pushed his enemies out of italy and and put Pompey into Egypt, where he was killed.  There, Caesar married Cleopatra.  Later, they had a son named Caesarion.  when he went back to Rome, Caesar was made a dictatator for life and hailed as father of his country.

By: Rachel