Come to Tejas Better way of living

Dear fellow Mexicans....

Are you looking for an inexpensive, rich land. Maybe for a new start in life?

well we have found you a solution to your problem. Come to Stephen F. Austins's colony it's the best colony that y'all will ever find in Tejas. Stephen F. Austin's colony is located between the Colorado and Brazos rivers. This colony is far from most Native American tribes, so you don't have to worry about one of those surprise Native American attacks.

Stephen F. Austin treats everyone in his colony like a big family, helps out his people by giving to those in need. Each acre costs about 12.5 cents each, that's cheap right there!

Come on don't be the last one to get get here, lots of other colonists have already settled in Stephen F. Austin's colony in Tejas.If you my fellow Mexicans have decided to come all the way to Tejas to settle in Stephen F. Austin's colony you must follow some rules! please

  • you must have a special skill in Farming, ranching, blacksmith, etc.
  • men who own machienary is a winner
  • Must be Catholic or be silent about other religion belief
  • good moral of character
  • we are bringing people to settle , not giving away land
  • no one linked or socialed with U.S. army or government
  • no adventurers please


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