Nothing to report

By PJ Daughtry

About me

Hi, I'm PJ, and I'm just another freshman at college of Charleston. There's nothing particularly intriguing about me, though people seem insistent on the contrary. My favorite hobby is sleeping, and my favorite food is pasta of any kind. I like drawing, composing music, and writing sometimes, but most of the time I actually hate it because I get frustrated when I can't get my ideas perfect.

My best friend is a guy named William, and I met him by staring at him while he played the piano until he talked to me. I'm not good at approaching people, or talking to them, really. Some important people in my life are: my elder sister and her family, and my cat, Puff. I chose to go to CofC because I love the town of Charleston and wanted to get away from my hometown. I want to complete my fye requirement and maybe do some nice art in this class.