Science 2013

Kaitlyn Draper

The best part of this year

In my opinion the best part of this year was studying for the tests. This is my favorite part because we usually would play a game. Also because it helped me remember the answers to the test and make studying a lot easier and quicker. One of the best part of studying was taking notes because if you brought them home and had your parent sign them saying that you studied you would get extra credit.

Light waves and Color

This year in science class Mrs. Wajer taught us that visible light comes to the earth as white light. Visible light contains wavelengths that the human eye can detect. When these wavelengths seperate, we see the colors you might know as the colors of the rainbow. This consist of, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and all the colors in between.


My least favorite part of Science A.K.A (the worst part)

The part that I didnt like that much in science was when we would read out of the text book. I didnt like this because it got really long and it was boring in my opinion. What made it even worse was having to do thye work sheet that came after the reading. Even though this is a critical part in learning it doesnt alway please the students.