Hitler is evil and is lying to us!!

We must stop him before it is to late.

The camps are destroying families!

The concentration camps are destroying the lives of the families and the individual people. When the people first entered the camps they were all together. Now it is prety much a free for all. Most of the woman and children were killed when they first arrived at the camps. Hitler is cruel and he must be stopped.

Hitler is not cruel but evil!

Hitler is a very evil man. But somehow the jues live with hope the entire time they were in the concentration camps. When they first arrived at the camp they were all in this together but soon they eventually they just went every man for himself.

Here are some of the concentration camps.

They are cruel and inhumane.

The novel we have read reveals how lucky we are.

After reading this novel I have realized how lucky I am. Our lives could be a lot worse. This novel made me realize how lucky we are to not have to worry about living through selections or the next evacuation of the concentraciton camp.