The Importance of a Best Friend

By: Sophie Kubicek

Best Friends

Payton has been my best friend since I was born 4 months after her. We do everything together, no matter how far apart we have always been. Hand in hand, we've taken on the world.

The Fight

I think I was in 3rd grade, and we were all gathered together for Christmas. Our cousins, all very close, wanted to dance and sing for the rest of our family as a little present. After practicing for a couple of days, we realized we needed more space and decided to put on our show outside. On the day of the show, our grandparents didn't think the weather would be good enough for everyone to haul outside, so they told us we pretty much couldn't do it. We were all really upset but eventually went back inside and went up the stairs. On the way up the stairs everything was very chaotic. Everyone, all nine of us, was grumbling and arguing. Sidney was talking into her disconnected phone, Alex, Keaton, and Benny were practically wrestling, Gaby and Kailee were trying to figure out how to make things work inside, and amidst the chaos me and Payton, who were always together, got separated. After those chaotic 30 seconds, we were finally reunited. I was glad, but Payton just looked angry and was crying. I asked what was wrong, and she said, "I heard you say this was all Payton's fault." Right away I responded, "No. It's not your fault. I would never say that. Maybe it was something Sidney said into her phone." Sidney was after all, only 5 or 6 at the time, and she loved to gossip. "No. It was you. It was your voice." I was so confused, and still denying it when she stormed downstairs to the front room, bawling. I was crying too by then because she was my best friend and was super mad at me for something I didn't do! I had no idea how to fix it, so I just got mad too. She didn't need me, and I didn't need her. But in reality, I did need her. I really missed her but wasn't going to budge first. We both sat and pouted in separate rooms for at least an hour before Kailee forced us together. I acted angry, but really I was scared. I was terrified we would never make up. After a few minutes we talked it out and realized it was all a big misunderstanding. I really never said that, and to this day we still don't know who did. In the end, that didn't matter. I remember thinking, I never want to be without my best friend ever again.

Friendship is magic

The My Little Ponies always say that friendship is magic that is ridiculously true. Payton and I have from then on been very close friends. Her living 4 hours away hasn't made it easy, but we've always made it work. Around last year, she got an Iphone for Christmas, and pretty soon we were face timing everyday. High school was different, a lot harder. We actually talked about our 'huge' fight about a month ago. We both said how miserable we were without each other and how hard-headed we were to not admit it. Thank goodness for Kailee and her persistence in reuniting us. That also perfectly exemplifies how my family has always wanted, and brought the best to me. I would be nowhere without them. Payton has listened to me complain non-stop about all my problems that aren't even really problems. Looking back, I really might not have made it without her. She was always there to tell me I mattered, was important, and was loved, and that some day I would learn my worth on my own. It goes both ways and we really need each other. She struggled with friends at school, people left her, but we've always had each other. Our friendship keeps us going even when things flat out stink.
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Cultural Insight

We live in the 'love your selfie' age. It is all about self-love and self-acceptance, but I also think that undermines the importance of other people in our lives. We hide alone in our rooms on 'social' media that isn't very social. I feel like our friendship breaks the mold in a way. It has always been about making the other person feel better. One time I had to cheer Payton up because she was so upset she couldn't be with me to make me feel better. It's difficult to love others in a self-loving age.