The Battle of Long Island

By: Kristina Skiotys

Invasion on Long Island

At 5:10am, on August 22, an advance guard of 4,000 troops, under the command of Howe, Clinton and Cornwallis, left Staten Island to land on Long Island. At 8:00am, all the troops landed on the shore of Gravesend Bay, unopposed. Colonel Edward Hand's Pennsylvanian rifleman had been stationed on the shore, but they didn't oppose the landings and fell back, killing cattle and burning farmhouses on the way. By noon, 1,500 troops had landed on the shore along with 40 pieces of artillery. As hundreds of Loyalists came to greet the British troops, Cornwallis pushed on with the advance guard, advancing 6 miles on to the island and establishing camp at the village of Flatbush; Cornwallis was given orders to advance no further. (Wikipedia)

Fun Facts about the Battle on Long Island

~General Howe reported his loses as 59 deaths, 268 wounded, and 31 missing.

~General Washington reported about 300 deaths, and over 100 missing.

~In terms of troop deployment and fighting, it was the largest battle of the entire year.

~The first real battle between British and American forces

~Howe's large army wanted to capture NYC, and gain control of the Hudson River, a victory that would divide the rebellious colonies in half.

~On September 15, British captured NYC (Wikipedia)

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