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Happy Holidays!

The Christmas season is a time for family, friends, and fun. It is also a time to reflect on all that has transpired throughout the year. I want all of you to know what outstanding educators you are, whether you service our students' social, emotional, physical, or academic needs. Your work impacts the lives of so many, not only the students you serve, but their families and beyond. I wish all of you a wonderful and restful holiday break. Bless each one of is an honor to work with you!


Building Foundations for Emotional Intelligence

Friday, Jamie, Dawn and I presented the new ASCA Mindsets and Behavior Standards to our principals. We emphasized the importance of our counselors and reiterated that your work is purposeful and based on varying types of students data. I have included a link to the PowerPoint we shared as well as a link to ASCA Standards aligned with our FC Learner Profile.

I found a great article about raising kids with grit,

Eight Ways to Raise Kids With Grit. Please share with your parents and teachers.

Learner Profile-ASCA Mindsets Behavior Standard

American School Counselor Association Update

Strategy Spotlight

K.I.M. (Key idea, Information, Memory clue)

Vocabulary words and new ideas

  • Key Idea - Write the term or key idea (K) in the left column,

  • Information - put the information (I) that goes along with it in the center column,

  • Memory Clue - draw a picture of the idea, a memory clue, (M) in the right column.

The key idea may be a new vocabulary word, or a new concept. The information may be a definition or it may be a more technical explanation of the concept. The memory clue is a way for students to fully integrate the meaning of the key idea into their memories. By making a simple sketch that explains the key idea, students synthesize and interpret the new information, making it their own. Then, students can reference their drawings to easily remember new key ideas.

Key idea


Memory Clue

1. drought

Little or no rain over a period of time

2. coup

Takeover of government by military

3. sovereignty

Political independence

Thought for the Day:

School Psychologists work in the “mind” field.

Evaluation update:

12/1/2013 261

12/1/2014 280

Wishing You All a Joyful Holiday Season!

Thank each of you for the hard work and dedication you display each day to our students and staff. You are invaluable to our schools and each of you are appreciated more than you know. Enjoy some well deserved rest!