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April 8, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It was great to see all students rising to new challenges last week and giving their all. This week's agenda includes beginning our drug education unit and preparation for the MCA's. The Reading MCA is on paper and will be April 24 and 25th. The Math MCA will be taken on computer and will be broken into many sessions to encourage student focus. Any support you can give your child by encouraging adequate rest the night beforehand and a healthy breakfast the morning of is appreciated.

Encourage your child to dress in layers. The weather can vary during the day and be unpredictable. Students go outside each day unless it is raining. A jacket is still encouraged in April.

Mrs. Sheldrup

April's Events and Notes

9 2-hour late start, PLC Meeting
Wheel Chair Unit ends
10 Math MCA begins for some students and continues throughout April
11 Project for Teens (my mistake last week)
Collection Assignment Due
19 School-wide celebration assembly
24 MCA Reading Part 1
25 MCA Reading Part 2
27 Regional Science Fair at MSU,M

This Week's Reading Focus: Making Judgments, Character Traits, and Author's Purpose

As we near MCA's we are reviewing key reading skills and applying them in fresh ways.

Making Judgments: We will be analyzing author decisions as well as character decisions to decide whether we agree with the decisions made. This skill can make for lively debates! As always, we will use text evidence to base our discussions on.

Character Traits: Students will be writing a character profile to describe a character from any story we have studied this year. They will have to delve into the characters traits and motivations to hint at their selected character. We will be using clues we create to play a Character Detective game on Wednesday.

Author's Purpose: This week's theme is centered around "Collections." We will be writing about a collection we currently have or would like to have. The twist is that we will each select a purpose (to inform, persuade, or entertain) and center our description with the purpose in mind. My goals are to have students employ writing techniques specific to their purpose, identify others' intent, and enjoy learning more about each other.

Unit 5, Week 4 Vocabulary Questions for Home Discussion

dilapidated (decayed)
Using imagery, describe a dilapidated building.

swiveled (turned, pivoted)
What are synonyms of swiveled?

Decades (ten year periods)
Ask your child to choose a decade you lived through. Describe your life during that 10-year period.
Create a timeline, separated by decades and have your child label what they know about your life on the timeline. Share something new to be added to the timeline.
Ask your child what he/she envisions his/her life 1, 3, 5 decades from now.

Auction (sale in which items go to the highest bidder)
Hold a chore or dinner auction with your family. What could be used for currency besides money?

Rafters (beams)
Ask your child to draw a structure with rafters. Ask him/her what purpose a rafter serves.

Decrease (lower, minimize)
What is something that should be decreased? What shouldn't be decreased? Can you think of something in which it doesn't matter if it is increased or decreased?

Instinctively (naturally)
Describe a time when you reacted instinctively.

Shakily (trembling)
What events might someone react shakily to?

This Month's Focus: Putting It All Together

Wow! I am so proud of this group's efforts to grow as learners! We will be having many discussions of how the habits of PRIDE will help us start 7th grade on a positive note! Students are working hard to show 7th grade responsible habits and independence.

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Please contact me any time! I look forward to working with you and your child!