By Tanish Thaker

Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Their major beliefs are the belief of Allah, belief of Angels, belief of holy books, belief of the prophets, belief of the Day of Judgement, and the belief of Predestination, also their Sabbath is Friday at noon. Some traditions are Ramadan, which celebrates Allah giving Muhammad message, and Eid al Fitr, which celebrates end of Ramadan with gifts, food, family, and thanks. The Muslims place of worship is in a mosque. The Muslim worship leader is an Imam, which is a prayer leader, or a Mullah, which is a teacher. The Islam Holy book is called Qu'ran or Koran. One of the Islam sacraments are The 5 Pillars of Fate. The first pillar is Shahada, which is a public declaration of faith, the second pillar is Salat, which is a prayer, the third pillar is Zakat, which is the giving to the needy, the fourth pillar is Siyam, which is the fasting during Ramadan, and finally the fifth pillar is Hajj, which is the pilgrimage, or journey, to the city of Mecca at least once in a lifetime. The Holy place in Jerusalem is The Dome of the Rock.

View of God

The one religious figure that is in all of the religions is The God of Abraham. This religion is monotheistic, which is the same way as Judaism and Christianity
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