A very nice 'place'.

Mexico is a country located in the southwestern part of North America and leads into central America. Mexico has a lot places to see and do also, even though its the cocaine capital of the world.


Tulum is a old city on the beach of the Yucatan peninsula. It is at least 1,000 years old. Some things to do are exploring the many temples there are, kayaking.

Chichen Itza

Chechen Itza is an old pre-Columbian city located on the Yucatán peninsula built by the Mayans about 1200 years ago. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Mexico. Some things to do there are to explore the temples and go the underground buildings.


Coba is a large ruin city just located 90 kilometers from Chechen Itza. It is actually sill a village with a Population of just over a thousand. Some things to do are rock climbing and going in the underwater caves.


Zocalo is the main plaza in Mexico City and has been a gathering place for Mexicans since the Aztec times. Some things to do are to shop or visit the local museum. It is known by many to be the heart of Mexico.


Chapultepec is the largest city park in Mexico and one of the largest in the western hemisphere. It is located in the heart of Mexico city. It is now a really large city. Some entertaining things to do are kayaking and to explore the ancient Mayan ruins.


is a form of cooking meat that originated in the Caribbean with the people, from which the term “barbecue” derives. In contemporary Mexico, it generally refers to meats or whole sheep slow-cooked over an open fire, or more traditionally, in a hole dug in the ground covered with maguey leaves, although the interpretation is loose, and in the present day (and in some cases) may refer to meat steamed until tender
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