What I did in the holidays

By Niamh Burke-Tomlinson

What I Did

I went to Criccieth in Wales with my mum and sister. I also went to Hunters Quay holiday village with my dad, my sister, my dads girlfriend and her children. We also got 12 fertile chicken eggs.

At Wales

When we went to Criccieth we had an amazing time in our holiday cottage by the coast. We did so much in Wales like going to Criccieth castle ,taking walks through the country side ,going to the beach and so much more.We even went to the rabbit farm. Overall it was amazing.


At Hunters Quay we all had a great time we went crabbing ,went to the beach ,went on a ferry and much more.


Over the holidays my dad bought 5 more cream legbar chickens aged 12 weeks old .This means in total we now have 12 chickens. Also in the holidays we bought 12 fertile cream legbar eggs which are due to hatch around the 13th September!
Day Old Chicks - Cream Legbar